Floating Candles: The life of wax

Floating candles are candles which float on water.  In the ancient traditions, small candles were placed on leaves and sent down the river to celebrate the lives of friends.  Today’s uses for floating candles are much more recreational, but we do still hold some ties to the old ways.  Here are some places where you might see floating candles.

Wedding Receptions

Weddings are such elegant events that the floating candle holders adapt with the scenery.  You might see a large shallow glass bowl as the candle holder and several candles on top, flickering and celebrating the joyous union of man and wife.  The possibilities are endless.

Upscale Restaurants

Add to the romantic evening with floating candles.  They do not pose a fire hazard because the wate ris right there.  The way the light glistens on the water enhances the cuisine of true love.

Memorial services

Celebrate the life of Binky the Turtle by lighting floating candles and sending them down the river.  Give each of your friends a flower candle that they can light and say their goodbyes.  Wakes are also a home of floating candles.

Dining Room Centerpieces

You cooked the best meal that has ever graced your table and you want to share it with a loved one.  Placing a floating candle holder, maybe a vase or a small waterfall, on the table with tell that special someone that you care about them enough to give the best.


Floating candles and candle holders are great for adding the charm of the occasion to your prom.  You will relish the way that the streamers iridescently glow within the flickering light.  Place your containers on the buffet table so everyone has a chance to gaze fondly upon them.  Relish the moments that you create with candles.

These are only some of the events that are worthy of floating candles.  There are many more.  If you’re creative, you can come up with hundreds of uses for floating candles.

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Is tingling sensation and feeling of floating supposed to occur at the start of an astral projection?

This happened when I was attempting to astral project. The only thing I am confused about is why I did not go all the way into a projection after my legs and arms were tingling and I felt like I was no longer on the bed (but in the air). It lasted maybe 30 seconds and then I opened my eyes. Perhaps I did something wrong? I want to go all the way, but it seems something isn’t allowing me to.