Author Franki Storlie Uses the Native American Animal Totem to Guide Readers to More Fulfilled Lives

ELLENSBURG (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

Residents of Zanesville, Ohio, awoke to an unusual morning on Tuesday, October 18th. Terry Thompson, owner of the private Muskingum County Animal Farm near Zanesville, threw open the cages of his more than 50 exotic animals before committing suicide. Sherriffs deputies were instructed to shoot to kill. The massacre which, at last count, resulted in the death of 49 animals including 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions was a testament to many things; lax animal ownership laws and questionable animal import practices among them. The ordeal also was a testament to modern societys lack of familiarity with the animals they share the planet with, a point many celebrities and animal-rights organizations echoed. Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson tweeted: Did they really have to kill them? Becoming familiar with animal instincts, spirits and guiding wisdom takes center stage in the new book Animal Totem Guides: Messages for the World: Communicating with Your Power Animal Guides (published by iUniverse) by Franki Storlie.

Storlie believes that every person possesses a spirit heart and soul that waits to be reawakened and longs to seek spiritual knowledge. In her guidebook Animal Totem Guides: Messages for the World, Storlie relies on her Native American ancestry and her personal experiences to provide clear direction on how each of us can connect with our own souls and spiritual guides, ultimately realizing true joy, inner peace, wisdom and love in the process.

Those studying metaphysical and spiritual teachings will find much to enjoy about this reference book, as will those looking to communicate and deeply connect with those spirits (both animal and human) aro

Q&A: Spirit Guide Question…?

Question by erichbreidenbach: Spirit Guide Question…?
Not sure is “Spirit Guide” is technically the appropriate term, but here goes…

During my life, when something has gone wrong, or I have been in danger (admittedly not often) events seem to conspire to remove me from the situation. It’s a little scary because some of the situations have been such that I didn’t feel there was any way to get out of them; then a series of events beyond my control moves me out of harm’s way.
Since I have started learning more about the spiritual, I have run into some kind of force. Every time I try to probe, I run into a mental image of somebody clothed in white. I get the feeling that somehow he has some of my essence in it, but I get a mixed emotional impression, almost angry or something else that I can’t begin to define. he glows a little, like a bright light with no discernable source is shining on him, and he’s always leaning against an oak tree (apparently in summer foliage)

Any insights or explanations people have would be welcome
In response to one of the answers, yes and no. It feels like it has part of my essence, but the remainder feels alien, there’s something there, but it’s so far out of the realm of my experience that I can’t understand it

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Answer by LiliRose

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Spirit guide? Heaven sent protecter? Totem?

Question by Hannah: Spirit guide? Heaven sent protecter? Totem?
I posted a question earlier dealing with seeing “spirit wolves” as a child. Most every answer said that the wolf is my “spirit guide”. What does this mean?if I am connected with the wolf how can I contact it? please help!

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Answer by Devo
Usually means that you identify with some aspect of the wolf, or that you have a connection to it in some way or form.
Easiest way is to connect with your totem through meditation.
You can google animal totem meditation, and find tons of sites about it.
Happy Learning.

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how do I know if it’s my spirit guide?

Question by totsz13: how do I know if it’s my spirit guide?
how do I know if my spirit guide is really my spirit guide instead of a demon ? I just started talking to my “spirit guide “, and I held a pen to a paper and he wrote back. but how do I know if it isn’t something else ?

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Answer by ..:: I AM ::..
Spirit Guides is a lengthy subject. If you’d like you can e-mail me.

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Is the Holy Spirit the same as your Spirit Guide?

Question by LaLaLisa: Is the Holy Spirit the same as your Spirit Guide?
I am starting to read the bible again and trying to start praying again. I am a severe back-sliding christian trying to come back after about 7 years away. Actually, I only went to church for about 2 years after I accepted Christ. When God says “I will send you the Holy Spirit to help you” is that the same as like what Syliva Brown refers to as “your spirit guide”????I got caught up and fascinated with all of this psychic and paranormal stuff and Sylvia always reads and talks about us all having spirit guides so is the talking about the Holy Spirit??????I’m trying very hard to figure all this stuff out. Thank you.

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Answer by whirlingmerc

a spirit guide could be an evil spirit trying to decieve you

the Holy Spirit is a person who is God the Spirit

some consider Jesus God the Son who is the eternally generated idea of God who is also a person
and the Holy Spirit God the spirit who is eternally generated form the love betweenthe Father and Son… at least Jonathan Edwards did I believe

the picture is … Jesus said I will not leave you as orphans… and ther ewas a helper… in the greek culture called a paraclete who went along tohelp, kinda a family lawyer on retainer… Jesus promised ‘another paraclete’ another helper

the first helper was Jesus
the second helper is the Holy spirit
both are called paraclete, the Holy Sprit ‘another paraclete’

Jesus is the helper pulling for us in heaven by prayer
the Holy Spirit pullin for us on earth

its like havig your front and back covered

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