Is there anyone out there who knows anything about animal totems or spirit guides?

Question by Will Clement: Is there anyone out there who knows anything about animal totems or spirit guides?
(Trollers, fundamentalists, atheists and Jesus freaks, though I value your opinions I neither want nor need them at the present time… so shoo!)

I have a Red Fox totem who always appears to me whenever I go into a state of meditation, but he acts strange. I read somewhere that your animal totem should always be willing to get close to and I have read stories of people who commonly play with their totems, but he always keeps his distance. Also, when he speaks to me, its always hard to understand and whatever I can understand is always very cryptic. I was wondering, is this normal behavior for fox totems, or is it that I haven’t fully accepted his presence and his behavior is a result of this? I also was wondering if anyone with fox totems could tell me a little bit about how their totems behave so I have something to compare my totem to.

Also, something… confusing happened a couple of days ago during one of my meditations.
It was after my Fox totem walked away and left me simply lying in the middle of a small forest clearing enjoying my meditation. Suddenly, my meditation became very vivid and a voice nearby laughed and said “enjoying ourselves are we?”
I looked up and sitting right beside me was a Red Fox, but it wasn’t my animal totem. This one was a vixen. I said yes, and then asked who she was since she obviously wasn’t my totem. She replied, “oh, nice to meet you! I’m your spirit guide!” (*note* I am aware of the difference between animal totems and spirit guides)

This, of course, raises quite a few questions. Is it possible for a person to have a spirit guide that is the same animal as your totem? If so, what does that indicate about a person?

Also, when I asked her how long she would be with me for, she said that she would be with me for my entire life, which spirit guides don’t do. Spirit guides come and go whenever the lesson that they wish to teach you has been learned or needs to be learned. Totems, on the other hand, stay with a person for their entire lives. Could she be another animal totem of mine? I read somewhere that people usually have two totems, one that represents their male side and another that represents their female side. However, if she represents my female side, how could I have two totems that are both the same animal? Is it even possible? Also, what does it mean? Thoughts anyone?
Thank you Neanie, your answer was very helpful…
but the spirit guide that appeared in front of me wasn’t a lady, it was another Red Fox. During a meditation I had today, I was talking with both my totem and my spirit guide(second totem?) at the same time, so she can’t be Shinoa can’t be posing as a vixen. (Also, today I learned that her name was Nikita… just in case anyone was curious)

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Answer by Neanie
It seems like the fox and the woman kinda inter connect. I have a book about animal totems and have looked it up out of curiosity. The key notes of the fox are feminine magic of camouflage, shape shifting and invisibility. Though I don’t know much about what you have written it seems to me that your best bet would be exploring what the fox means and what it represents to you. You may also want to investigate that symbol because it seems like it is connected to the other things you are experiencing.
The book I have is called “Animal Speak The Spiritual Powers of Creatures Great and Small” by Ted Andrews. It is an excellent book and goes into detail about different animals and what they represent to cultures throughout the world. I highly recommend it and in my opinion, may be a good place to start.
As for the lady who you are asking about being the spirit guide that is the same as the animal totem, it would seem to me if one of the characteristics of the fox is shape shifting, then it is not entirely impossible that this lady was the fox visiting you in another form. This explanation would make the most sense to me.
I myself do not have the fox totem. I have limited experience with the fox and do not currently know anyone at this time with that totem. I think your best bet would be starting with the book I recommended as well as study the fox, fox behaviors and do research into it. Hope that helps

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Are Spirit Guides Real?

Question by : Are Spirit Guides Real?
Hi everyone. I’m just curious. Are “Spirit Guides” real? I keep trying to get mine to talk to me, reveal who they are to me and show me who they are. I even say to myself and outloud that I wish to know who they are or at least that they are there. Noone ever shows up. So I’m asking, are they real? and if so, how can I get them to reveal themself?

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Answer by gutbucket
Of course not; that’s just foolishness.

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