Q&A: How do you recognize “Spirit Guides”?

Question by 2 makes 1: How do you recognize “Spirit Guides”?
If I am not mistaken they can take form of human or animal. How do you comminicate with them? It has been so long & I have lost mine.
The Great Crab & Don H, thank you.

I know he is an Indian, I can’t remember his name tho. He is very quiet, but always used to be where I could see him. I have been so off track here in the last 10 years, I am hoping he hasn’t thrown his hands up & left. Were I live now, it would be hard to be able to trust anyone with locating him, or should I say I want to bring him closer again as he once was.
This is very important to me for some reason.

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Answer by Edith Bunker
I don’t recognize them at all.

God should be your only guide.

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Q&A: Aren’t “spirit guides” really angels?

Question by Heather B: Aren’t “spirit guides” really angels?
I get so tired of people taking the Godly glory away from the things He created. Legions of angels flock to our requests WHENEVER we ask. although we can’t see them, aren’t they putting consequences and events in our lives to make us pay attention?

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Answer by Anya
Or perhaps Angels are really just Spirit guides.

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