Reiki – what to expect from your healer and distant healing

Reiki - what to expect from your healer and distant healing

Reiki, healer, distant healing at and what to expect. Based on real human experience, professor McPuppet is explaining what your distant reiki treatment might feel like. BONUS receive the reiki flow chart explaining why it isn’t your fault when you cannot stop smoking, break up with your boyfriend, give up sweets and chocolate and more. Find the real culprint behind and sign up for the free lifestyle tips, offers and discounts newsletter at http
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Psychic Healing – Causes of Illness?

Question by Nikki F: Psychic Healing – Causes of Illness?
I am interested in hearing about the concept of “psychic healing”. I have heard that many illnesses can be caused by negative energies, or a person’s own personal expieriences or attitudes within their daily lifestyle. In other words, illnesses are sometimes more of a “psychic” issue, than a “physical” issue. If anyone can give me any information about psychic healing, then I am interested in hearing it. But the main thing I am looking for is information about how certain parts of the body can relate to a specific spiritual imbalance within a person’s life.
Sorry, but I do mean “psychic”, as in clairvoyant.

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Answer by ~english girl~
I think the word you are after is psychosomatic…..

Attitudes and negative experiences creating physical issues can be seen as a psychological issue not a ‘psychic’ issue…

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