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    Study: Most Herbal Supplements Contain No Herbs
    The New York Times noted a study last week from a Canadian research team claiming roughly three out of four herbal supplements contain little more than weeds or powdered rice. The research team used a test called DNA barcoding, which has previously …
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  • Growing Herbs for Beginners -Module 1 History of Herbs

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    Herbs are more than just medicinal plants; they also happen to be delicious! Here, you'll find 115 vegetarian recipes that range from soups and starters to desserts and beverages. All incorporate whole, natural ingredients with a wide variety of …
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    Herbs aren't antidepressants
    Our enthusiasm for herbal medicine is undoubtedly fueled by the high cost of prescription drugs, the fact that these drugs do not work for everyone, and a burgeoning interest in natural remedies. Moreover, many people erroneously assume that natural …
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  • Q&A: What are the best herbs to plant?

    Question by Lexi: What are the best herbs to plant?
    I have a little herb garden with basil, cilantro, sage, dill, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley. Any other ideas?

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    Answer by kennypart2

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  • Pesticide discovered in locally sold herbs: Report

    Pesticide discovered in locally sold herbs: Report
    The findings are part of a report released Tuesday that examined the presence of pesticides on dozens of Chinese herbal products from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. “These results are truly shocking and highlight the urgent …
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    Khat herbal stimulant banned by Theresa May
    Make CT Your Homepage. Khat herbal stimulant banned by Theresa May. Published 03 July 2013 | Andy Kerr. Email Print Text Size Larger Smaller. More Sharing Services Share · Tweet. Home Secretary Theresa May has decided to ban the herbal stimulant …
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    Herbal stimulant khat to be banned
    The decision goes against the recommendation of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), the government’s official advisory body. In January the ACMD said khat should remain a legal substance, saying there was “insufficient evidence” it …
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  • Is there a way to check the potency of my herbs?

    Question by Kemi: Is there a way to check the potency of my herbs?
    I know herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA so you dont know how much of the real stuff you are getting but is there any way to find out what the actual potency is of a supplement from a certain manufacturer? Or any experiments to determine this?

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    Answer by aspirit
    The instrument you use to check the potency is your body. Plants are the source for herbs. Each plant grows in soil and depends on the nutrients of the soil to be healthy. A healthy plant will give you the maximum potency. A sick plant won’t be much help. You will have to do some research with the companies that you buy your herbs from. See if they buy the plants from a source out of the country. See if they grow their own plants. The best way to get full potency is to grow your own plants and harvest them. For this you will need to understand soil, climate, water, and seasons for that plant. Then you will need to learn which parts of the plant to harvest and how to dry it. Being an herbalist isn’t easy, but your will get much better results once you learn.

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