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  • Sarah Silverman explains kabbalah

    Sarah Silverman explains the mysticism of kabbalah at the Uncensored Comedy Benefit Show at USC’s Bovard Auditorium on Nov. 29. The evening’s entertainment was on behalf of the Arava Institute, a regional center for environmental leadership in Israel. For more about Arava, see our article @ Hidden camera video by Dennis Wilen.

  • Power of Kabbalah Video

    We are working on a Power of Kabbalah intro video. Here is a first draft. Please let me know what you think.
    Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Prayer,(a person’s request from a higher power)is discussed by highlighting fundamental differences between prayer in religion to prayer in Kabbalah.
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?

    Question by Pajama Wars: does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?
    i want to know about the secrets of ancient kabbalah…

    Best answer:

    Answer by Goddess of Nuts (PBUH)
    Talk to the Mandeans of southern Iraq. Hurry though, before the Muslims kill them all.

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  • Kabbalah-5 Basic Principles

  – Dr. Michael Laitman explains five basic principles of Kabbalah in an interview with award-winning author William Simon. From the film “The House in the Orchard” viewable in full here (62 min).
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Jewish Guided Meditation (Kabbalah?)?

    Question by nectarine: Jewish Guided Meditation (Kabbalah?)?
    My (reform) youth group is having an event at a local beach. As I am in charge of programming, I am looking to write a program based on meditation, specifically “jewish meditation” which some refer to as Kabbalah. There is so much information about this topic and so many different approaches… I’m feeling very overwhelmed…=] Basically, I want to start by finding and/or editing an existing guided meditation script to be about any or all of the following topics: nature, the beach/ocean, possibly new beginnings, and of course, judaism! I guess I don’t have one specific question, but anything that could help me develop my program is greatly appreciated!! todah:)
    thanks so far everyone:) i just wanted to add that Jaderak reminded me about the importance of simplicity… i want to be straight to the point and make sure easy connections can be made when we discuss the meditation afterwards

    Best answer:

    Answer by kjv_gods_word
    Kabbalah is not Jewish – it is everything anti-Jewish.
    It is the product of heretical rabbis who renounce the Lord G-d.

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  • How To Channel Your Spirit Guides and Higher Essence as Surrounding Lights – The Kabbalah Let Us Now Awaken Our Intentions To Our True Desires To Uplift Unlimitedly and Be Endowed Eternally With Fulfillment ARI Ashlag Research Institute presents The Key to the Hidden Wisdom “By realising our true purpose in life man attains perfection, tranquility unbounded enjoyment and the ability to transcend time and space while still living in this world.” KABBALAH REVEALED with Anthony Kosinec reading from Baal HaSulam’s [ http ] first of two major works, The Talmud Eser Sefirot. “As a core Kabbalistic text, it is especially unique in its utmost precision to detail to the structural organization and processes occurring in the upper worlds. It is set out as a comprehensive textbook, complete with commentaries, a section in each chapter dedicated to further reflection upon the commentaries, definitions of terms, tables of questions and answers, an introduction clarifying how to study Kabbalah in the correct manner, and also a summarized preface of the entire text. His other masterwork was his Sulam commentary on The Zohar, which earned him the name Baal HaSulam. This monumental work took him ten years to complete, written between the years 1943 and 1953. It includes a translation of The Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew as well as an extensive interpretation.” Please register for free at to access the entire library of free self-study videos and texts. Produced by ARI Media Films ARI Media Centre Toronto, Canada copyright Ashlag

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