Latest Spiritual Meditation News

Change Maker: Victor Chan’s Voyage Of Compassion With The Dalai Lama
One after another, masters in meditation were placed into an MRI machine and asked to meditate on the idea of compassion. Chan says it was incredible to watch the brain scans. In every mediator, the part of the brain associated with feelings of well …
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Latest D. H. Lawrence News

New discovery shows author's 'enlightened attitude' to women
AN unpublished article by DH Lawrence in which he defends women against sexist remarks has been discovered on the other side of the world. University of Nottingham English literature lecturer Dr Andrew Harrison found the short piece by the Eastwood …
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The Most Notorious Publisher In American History
He introduced America to James Joyce's Ulysses, D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover, Arthur Schnitzler's Reigen, Alfred Jarry's The Garden of Priapus, etc. He also published Loose Shoulder Straps by "Alain Dubois" aka poet, litterateur, and author …
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Latest Homemade Beauty Recipes News

Solve Your Most Annoying Skin Problems With These Household Concoctions
We’ve got 13 homemade solutions — from honey to mayo — for dry skin, rough elbows and unruly hair. They’re cheaper than the fancy schmancy stuff sold … Nathalie Speliers Ufermann/Shutterstock. Check out this list for some antioxidant packed recipes …
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Latest Relationship Tips News

Getting in the mood with Lisa Rinna
So there you have some of my favorite “out of the bedroom” tips. I have loads of in the bedroom ones too, but to have a healthy sex life, you have to be in the sort of relationship that supports having a healthy sex life. Start there and the rest will …
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Divorce News Section is Now Ready on
What tips are useful when one wants to fix the relationship? What happens after cheating? And what could be the reason for divorce among so many couples? All the answers are at Alltopics, the number one news source that’s constantly updated, …
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Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment

The Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment
The National Cancer Institute stated that in a large survey of cancer survivors, 61 percent reported using spirituality and prayer as a complementary treatment. Zachariae et al. defined spiritual healing as “a systematic, purposeful intervention by one …
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