Q&A: How Lahiri Mahashay balanced his Spiritual & Family life?

Question by yogeshwarsparth: How Lahiri Mahashay balanced his Spiritual & Family life?
How Lahiri Mahashay balanced his Spiritual & Family life in order to practising Yog & earning for family simultaneously? Meaning in one life man could either go to earn as professional or can meditate for long becoming unworthy of earning & running family. How he managed both the things.

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Answer by PH Singh
Both can be done. Meditation is not a long process, if you can maintain the quality. Distractions and conditional believability causes poor quality.

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Tantra Yoga – Being an Instrument of Life – Sadhguru

www.ishafoundation.org www.innerengineering.com Tantra – what used to be a whole spiritual path, has been abused and misunderstood to be mere unbridled promiscuity, especially in the West. In this talk, “Tantra – Being an Instrument of Life”, Sadhguru redefines tantra, restoring it to its original scope and dimension as an ancient technology for ultimate transformation.
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Don’t most religions focus on death rather than life? Why?

Question by shahbarak: Don’t most religions focus on death rather than life? Why?
The Greeks focused on life. Their art celebrated perfectibility, on Earth. Egyptians made art of daily life, but like the Judaic religions that grew from them (including especially Christianity and Islam), focus on death, and fear of it. Consider the shared emphasis on an after-life – and the Christian icons of a crucified Christ, frailty and bodily decay, Saintly martyrs etc. Isn’t it all rather glum and gruesome? Is that why the religious treat Earthly things with such destructive contempt? And utilitarianism, in contrast with protestations of “spirituality”.

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Answer by Kezia D
because that’s what some people fear

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Georgia O’Keeffe talking about her life and work

O’keeffe , at her home in New Mexico in 1977 . She was nearly 90 at the time.

Georgia O'Keeffe Abstraction at the Whitney

James Kalm partakes in the press preview for this icon of American Modernism. Over twenty years in the making, this exhibition surveys the lesser known but perhaps more profound side of OKeeffes work, her abstraction. Beginning with her discovery and eventual relationship with Alfred Stieglitz in 1916, OKeeffe was thrust in to the stratosphere of the New York art scene. She was at the forefront of pursuing a type of organic abstraction that Stieglitz championed as Americas contribution to Modernism. Examples of OKeeffes paintings covering nearly fifty years of development are on view. Includes brief statements by Director Adam D. Weinberg, and the curatorial team lead by Barbara Haskell, Barbara Buhler Lynes and Sasha Nicholas.
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