Does anyone have any scientific evidence supporting alternative medicine?

Question by daniel: Does anyone have any scientific evidence supporting alternative medicine?
Please, do no tell me anecdotes, personal stories, or anything like that. The last thing I want to hear is about how alternative medicine worked for you. I think that is wonderful but it hardly serves as proof. I want to see some sort of hard evidence. The ideal would be a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial. Any trial or study would suffice. I am looking for some websites or something to read to supply me with evidence. Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Az R
You can look at the NCCAM division of the NIH (, which funds research on alternative medicine in the United States. They’ve run multiple double blind placebo controlled on some of the more popular alternative methods.

Though in the 18 years they have been running, and despite near a billion dollars spent, they have yet to come up with one useful treatment, or come up with evidence supporting one.

EDIT: I think the two sites below speak to a lot of the problems in trying to do any research in this area, and are a testament to the veracity of altmed in general.

We have conspiracy theories, outright hallucinations, beliefs that Russia and China have armies hiding in bunkers under British Columbia.

And shameless fellation of Ron Paul, who’s ideas on healthcare come from an organization(The American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons) that is involved in HIV denialism, removal of laws protecting patients from exploitation and scams, and outright racism.

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