The Herb Rosemary – All You Need To Know About Rosemary

The Herb Rosemary

I am lucky enough to live in the ‘campo’ – the countryside of Spain – overlooking a small village. My villa is surrounded by uncultivated land, thickets of pine, and because we are on the foothills of the sierras, rocky outcrops. In summer, especially if there is a gentle breeze, the air is filled with the scent of pine, jasmine and wild herbs. Amongst this heady mixture can be detected the unmistakeable fragrance of rosemary.

Rosemary is a distinctive herb with an immediately identifiable aroma that has made it fashionable in food preparation and medicines for many centuries.


Nowadays rosemary is perhaps best recognized as a culinary herb. It is commonly used to give flavour to roast meats such as lamb and pork – and to add taste and fragrance to herb-oils and vinegars.

The Herb Rosemary can grow into a substantial bush that is smothered with leaves.
The Rosemary leaves when crushed, liberate volatile oils and aroma.  
The Herb Rosemary has many varieties, with flowers that can vary from white, to pink, to blue.
The Herb Rosemary is fast growing, and its height and density make it useful it as a garden hedge. Four hundred years ago, rosemary was used for just this purpose, often trimmed into fanciful shapes.
The Herb Rosemary was popular at weddings, used to deck the church and make bridal wreaths.

The Herb Rosemary and Folk Remedies –

The chronicles of the herbrosemary are heavy with folklore, going back even to Biblical times. The majority of the stories relate to rosemary’s aromatic assets. Its perfume was thought to protect against disease and was often used to ‘disinfect’ the air in sick rooms. Rosemary sprigs were carried during plagues, to be inhaled whilst passing regions of possible infection. In ancient times, scholars wore garlands of rosemary believing it to be an aid to memory. The plant also came to be linked to fidelity.

Culinary Uses of The Herb Rosemary –  

Use fresh, dried leaves or sprigs of the herb rosemary to give flavour to meat while roasting.

Use fresh sprigs of the herb rosemary to flavour herb-oils and vinegars.

Add fresh leaves of the herb rosemary sparingly to make herb butter.

Fresh rosemary herb is a wonderful addition to salads.
The herb rosemary is a major component in the classic mix of dried Provencal herbs known as Herbs De Provence.

Burn branches of the herb rosemary on a barbecue to add a subtle flavour to meats.

Cosmetic Uses of Rosemary –

Use the essential oil from the herb rosemary in eau-de-cologne.

Use fresh or dried rosemary leaves in a facial steam to encourage circulation,

Infuse leaves of the herb rosemary as a conditioning rinse for dark hair.

Medicinal Uses of Rosemary –

Rosemary tea – the infusion is a first-rate all-round tonic.
Rosemary tea stimulates the circulation, and has been used as a remedy for hardening of the arteries.
Rosemary tea can lift mild depression and is good for treating headaches and migraines.

Household  Uses of Rosemary –

Use fresh sprigs of the herb rosemary to add fragrance to a room and deter insects.

Lay sprigs of the herb rosemary in the bottom of wardrobes to repel moths.

Preserving – Dry the sprigs and branches and strip the leaves off before storing. Crush the rosemary leaves just before use to release the aroma.

Cultivation of Rosemary

Lifespan – Rosemary is a hardy evergreen shrub

Site – Plant rosemary in dry, sunny sites protected from cold wind.
Rosemary can be transplanted and kept indoors during a frosty winter.

Soil – Rosemary needs good drainage. It is more fragrant when grown in limy soil. You can add crushed lime or eggshells to the soil. Can be container-grown indoors or out.

Growing – Propagate from cuttings and transplant when established.

Harvesting – Rosemary leaves can be harvested in small amounts all year but are best before flowering times.

Written by ajbarnett
Novelist, short story writer, Author of JUST ABOUT WRITE and WITHOUT REPROACH. A Brit now living in Spain

Why do people need to quote Einstein to prove whether he believed in God or not? What about this quote?

Question by grassfell: Why do people need to quote Einstein to prove whether he believed in God or not? What about this quote?
We could say that although Buddhism in not entirely scientific, but it certainly has a strong overtone and is certainly more scientific than any other religion. It is significant that Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the twentieth century said of Buddhism:

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both natural and spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual and a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism.”

Best answer:

Answer by Vincent K, disciple of Primus
Great point dude. Let’s see what the dumb ‘argument-from-authority’ brigade say about it.

EDIT: Mastermind, I’ve never bothered to quote a specific evolutionary scientist. And if I did, I’d base it on the fact that numerous scientific discoveries have shown evolution to be correct; that is, base it on their evidence rather than their opinions. Lastly, I won’t bother to purposefully misquote someone just to try and give some non-existent credence to anything. That answer your question? ^_^

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I need help from any Wiccan/ Pagan who is “out”!?

Question by Seeker: I need help from any Wiccan/ Pagan who is “out”!?
I recently came “out of the broom closet” with my parents. My dad doesn’t care, but I think it bothers my (catholic) mom and she won’t tell me. I she always talks about Wicca in a disgusted voice and ordered me not to bring any Wiccan “stuff” out into public. Is there any way I can show her that Wicca (and witchcraft) isn’t that bad? I told her the basics of being a Wiccan, but I don’t think that was enough.

Also how do I get her to let me bring wicca books and other things (pentacle necklace, etc.) out in public?
my mom isn’t VERY catholic she stop going to church every week and now only goes every now and then.
also i love my mom very much (more than any one i know ) im not mad at her i just want her to see it my way
when i said “out” i meant as a wiccan not homosexually (i notticed some people got the phrases mixed up)

Best answer:

Answer by christians_are_terrorists666
you can tell her that Hitler was a good catholic in a sarcastic voice, catholics have done a lot of bad things in history, its best that you do some research about christian history, i have a book called the dark side of christian history by helen ellerbe and ten things I learned wrong from a conservative church by john killinger, knowledge is power and its best to arm yourself to the teeth, tell her that Opus Dei is the mafia of christianity and protestants are just as crooked, they steal money form gullible people so they can have jets and mansions

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Pagans/Wiccans : Need your advice ?

Question by the ginger phaggot: Pagans/Wiccans : Need your advice ?
I am interested and studied on Wicca and Paganism for years now but here’s a problem and I’ve had personal experiences with my Gods& Goddesses BUT.

my brain splits into 2 parts.

Rational mind says ” don’t be a wiccan, sounds corny and fake ,those experiences can be mere coincidence”

Spiritual mind says ” Go ahead, it’s clearly your path ! ”

I’m confused !

Best answer:

Answer by jacqueline cheung

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“Hinduism”– If The ‘TRUTH’ is one and simple, Then what is the need of so many ‘Veda’, ‘Purana’ & ‘upanishad?

Question by capt j: “Hinduism”– If The ‘TRUTH’ is one and simple, Then what is the need of so many ‘Veda’, ‘Purana’ & ‘upanishad?
If the truth is one and simple, then why do we need so many explanations?
And some people say ‘higher truth’… What is that??

— Nitya

Best answer:

Answer by Muhammad Ishfaq A
They are not sure,

Even their religious beliefs, they are not willing to Liston,
they feel ashamed when ask a Hindu, “is it true, according to Hinduism, that a Cow is your mother”?

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Q&A: What do you need in a “becoming a Pagan” ritual?

Question by Bella: What do you need in a “becoming a Pagan” ritual?
I’m defantly sure i want to do this, i’ve done alot of reading and research about it and i want to know what type of candles do you need? (colour, type how many) what if i don’t have a bath tub to soak in basil? I have a friend who is gonna help me, what else do i need, or should i do? thanks

Best answer:

Answer by posbyterian
I’m not a pagan but some good friends are. What I’ve seen is they have a pagan naming ceremony where they put on robes made of natural fabrics, tied with a sort of rope braided belt. They burn incense and drink mead (a honey liquor). Since they were pagans and not witches they didn’t burn coloured candles. In fact, as I remember they didn’t use candles since candle wax leaves a mess in the natural environment.

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