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  • How to Free Yourself of Negative Thoughts – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

    How to Free Yourself of Negative Thoughts - Super Soul Sunday - Oprah Winfrey Network

    Author Michael Singer says spiritual growth can begin by silencing the negative thoughts in our minds. Watch as Michael shares a spiritual solution to use to…

  • Will meditation make me immune to negative reaction to what others have done to me?

    Question by : Will meditation make me immune to negative reaction to what others have done to me?
    Is there any meditation that serves such purpose that is compatible with an Atheist?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Annie – Heart of Gold
    Some aspects of Buddhist meditation are compatible with atheists.

    What do you think? Answer below!

  • Ask Erin Pavlina (#13): Can negative entities masquerade as spirit guides? Can negative entities trick us into thinking they are our spirit guides? Intuitive Couneslor, Erin Pavlina, answers this question from a reader.
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  • Money and Karma: 7 Frowned Upon Things That Don’t Make You Gain Negative Karma

    Article by Scott Petullo & Stephen Petullo, the Mystic Twins

    Money and spirituality are commonly viewed as incompatible. However, since financial resources are necessary to survive and money by itself takes nothing away from your spirituality, it’s reasonable and wise to simultaneously strive for a healthy spiritual foundation and relationship with money.

    Along your spiritual path in life, you may wonder about the karmic implications of assorted financial situations.

    Of course, it’s no surprise that negative karma is gained through bullying, manipulating, making false promises, or otherwise abusing your financial power. But there are other situations related to money that are commonly misinterpreted as “not spiritual,” perhaps partially stemming from subconscious past life memories, for example, of vows of poverty.

    The conclusions we have drawn from over 25 years of empirical research involving karma and predestination show that no negative karma is picked up from the following seven financial related circumstances.

    1. Having more money than God. As long as you earn or otherwise acquire your money through honest means, it’s acceptable, no matter if you’re a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, or gazillionaire.

    While it’s true that there are individuals in this world who have gained their money dishonestly, it’s wise to avoid grouping everyone of means in that nefarious category. As the saying goes, you can’t become (wealthy) what you resent.

    By the way, even though those who inherit wealth are often vilified, we’ve found time and again that they’ve earned every penny through their past life actions. Gaining positive karma now through good deeds is how you positively direct your (future-life) destiny, despite your the core of your current life destiny (fate) being unchangeable.

    2. Not giving your wealth to an official charity. Of course, you gain a lot of good karma if you give to those in need, but isn’t everyone in need? Whether you choose to help others through your words, advice, or time rather than donations, or if you elect to give money directly to specific individuals, instead of to an official charity with a bloated budget—It’s your money and no one’s business but your own what you do with it.

    3. Gambling. Considering you’re not speculating on credit or avoiding your financial responsibilities, it’s your money and you can do what you want with it. Addiction, which can involve anything, causes neglect and ruin. Gambling itself does not.

    4. Spending a lot of money on alcohol or lavish, gourmet meals. While it’s true abusing alcohol or food can make you pick up some nasty karma, in our view, having a few drinks or an expensive meal with friends once in a while won’t break the karma bank. As long as you’re not putting anyone at risk, you’re fine.

    5. Blowing all your disposable income on your music collection, art, jewelry, or other non-essential items instead of helping the disadvantaged. Although you’ll always gain good karma by helping others financially, aside from legal or parental obligations, or verbal agreements, the financial needs of others are not your responsibility. However, keep in mind that if you feel guilty about refusing to help someone, that guilt could manifest as negative karma, even if it’s only false guilt.

    6. Refusing to give in to pressure and donate your hard-earned money to a political or other cause. Don’t let anyone guilt you into donating. Turning down a request to donate your money won’t incur negative karma.

    7. No matter how much in need the person may seem to be, even if he or she gives you a nasty look when you fail to offer your spare change as you pass by, you won’t pick up any negative karma by refusing to give to panhandlers. Their financial situation is not your obligation. Just because you earn more than someone doesn’t mean you owe them. Assist the less fortunate when you are compelled to, not when pressured.

    The honest acquisition of and use of financial abundance toward positive means won’t make you incur any negative karma as long as you are not harming yourself or anyone else. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

    Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

    Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are experts in prediction, fate, karma, love life, and past life regression. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic.

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  • Sex, Love Life, and Karma Avoided: 7 Frowned Upon Acts That Don’t Earn Negative Karma

    Article by Scott Petullo & Stephen Petullo, the Mystic Twins

    There may have been a lot of things you got away with as a kid. But now you know better, we hope. If you’re like most people, you live your life aligned with the expectations of society, but is everything you abide by really for your own good?

    Laws, regulations, rules, and more rules. But are they all legitimate from the standpoint of karma, freedom, and personal responsibility?

    In your spiritual quest, maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What is acceptable behavior in a karmic sense? What won’t make me gain negative karma?”

    Our findings through over 25 years of empirical research on the issue tell us that it’s mostly a matter of making sure you don’t intentionally hurt anyone, or yourself.

    Morality is frequently subjective; be wary of conventional wisdom involving “right and wrong.” We believe you won’t ever be punished in the afterlife for many behaviors that are deemed iniquitous in today’s world.

    Below we list seven things that are frowned upon in many societies, yet won’t make you incur any negative karma.

    1. Breaking up with someone: in other words, dumping him or her. As long as you’re not trying to harm them in the process, you’re in the clear. If it’s over for you, the best thing you can do is leave peacefully. By the way, staying when it’s over for you and not freeing them so they can find someone more compatible could incur negative karma.

    2. The act of divorce. Yes, you vowed to be with him or her forever, but feelings change, as do people. An ex who drags their feet and makes it very difficult, out of spite, for the one who wants to leave, however, will incur negative karma.

    3. Prostitution between two consenting adults. What about a sex worker (or non sex worker) who has sex with 100s, even 1000s of people? Isn’t that an ethical offense? No, only if you’re under the mistaken impression that sex is wrong or dirty, and in terms of karma, it isn’t.

    Sleeping with more than one person will result in zero negative karma being picked up, as long as you’re not ripping off or hurting anyone. In fact, due to the healing benefits of sex, you may even gain positive karma, especially if you’re good in bed. Sex between two consenting adults, no matter if one (or both) is getting paid, just as with matrimonial prostitution, is nobody’s business but theirs.

    Conspicuous sanctimoniousness, arising from warped morality and corrupt religiosity, is the root source of many laws today relating to sex and intimate relationships. Interestingly, those who force their personal, subjective morality onto others, through laws that rob personal freedoms, incur negative karma.

    4. Living together before marriage. Another religiously based forbidden act, yet zero negative karma related to it.

    5. Having children out of wedlock. Absolutely no bad karma acquired here, as long as you don’t neglect your responsibilities.

    6. Having an open relationship or marriage. Yes, even if you have 100 lovers at the same time, as long as you are honest about it and you haven’t made any false promises or intentionally hurt anyone, you are in the clear. Just act responsibly, including having safe sex.

    7. Homosexuality. Interpret ancient religious texts as you choose, but consensual sex between two people of the same gender won’t incur negative karma, at all.

    It’s best to avoid illegal conduct, yet you’ll spare yourself the guilt if you live your life in accordance with an understanding of the law of karma instead of the restrictive code of conduct forced on you by the morality squad.


  • With pendulum and Dowsing healing, how do you get rid of the negative energy afterwards. Is it harmful to me?

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