NUMEROLOGY: Your Karma Numbers & Life in 2011 – This is Your Year

Karma. Your Karma profoundly effects your life, past, present and future.

Knowing your Karma Number for 2011 will tell you what the future holds for you.

Love? Career? Success? Health? Family… Friends…

Numerolgically, 2011 is going to be one of the most dramatic periods of change of our generation.

Your Karma number has much to tell you what awaits you and how you can control those changes to your own ends…

As Master Numerologist Blair Gorman explains it: “The Karma number is not really of Western numerology but more a Vedic or Indian invention. You may not relate to the idea of having a karma number if you do not believe in reincarnation however it is an interesting exercise in numerology if you do subscribe to the concept.

“The Karma number is supposed to tell you about the baggage you are carrying over from your last lifetime that is giving you lessons to learning in this lifetime.

In this sense numerology can tell you what types of karma you are carrying over from a previous life. All you need to do is calculate your Karma number.”


Your Karmic number is not calculated in any way that you may have been familiar with so far. It is figured out using fadic addition.

Technically the number is based on a Magic Square that incorporates your birth date numbers and the values.

The shortcut to calculating your Karma number is found by taking the month of your birth day, subtracting 1 and then reducing the number to 1

For instance if your birth day is June 7, 1960 you would take the day of the month of your birth day and subtract 2. You would then reduce the result by fadic addition.

The calculation would be 7-1 = 6.

If the person was born on June 17th you would reduce it like this: 17-1 =16 and 1+7 = 8.

The Karma number values and their meanings are listed below.

Karma Number (0)

If you reduce to a zero then it is possible you are a new soul or
one that has cleared up a lot of karmic debt in your past life.
This current life is one where you get to start again with a clean

Karma Number (1)

The lesson of this karma number is learning to be independent. You
may start off this life by being very dependent on others, with the
life lesson being that you need to stand on your own two feet. This
might manifest as spending most of your life single or being very
successful but alone.

Karma Number (2)

The karma of this life has to do with learning how to get along
with others. You may have taken advantage of others in your past
life and now it is payback time. You may find yourself saddled with
the responsibility of taking care of someone who is dependent on
you. You may also have to learn to be less skeptical and how to
trust your intuition…

Karma Number (3)

You may have been frivolous, wasteful and guilty of not taking
things seriously enough. You may have also taken credit for someone
else’s accomplishment or cheated to get to the top somehow. Your
lesson in this life is to be balanced, serious and responsible.

Karma Number (4)

You may have been lazy in your past life so in this life you will
be asked to fulfill your potential. You may have to work harder
than most people just to make a living. Your karma requires you to
be persistent; great riches are possible if you keep doing the
right thing without complaint.

Karma Number (5)

You may have been an addict, wasteful or sexually over active in
your last lifetime. Your lesson in this lifetime will be symbolized
by situations that necessitate that you work hard and make
sacrifices so you can get ahead later. You may also be dealing with
health crisises that force you to stay on the straight and narrow.

Karma Number (6)

You are dealing with the karma of betraying or abandoning your
family in a past lifetime. In this lifetime you may find yourself
in the position of having to care for your family or take care of
someone who is ill. You may also find it hard to strike out on your
own and leave the family nest.

Karma Number (7)

You are dealing with the karma of failing to pay attention to the
spiritual side of your life. You may have been too focused on money
in your past life so in this life it may be more challenging for
you to make money. You may be dealing with an illness or chronic
problem that also tests your faith.

Karma Number (8)

You may have been in a position of power and abused it somehow in
your past life. It is also possible you may have exploited others
for financial gain. In this life you are doomed to be a follower.
You will probably have to get by in this lifetime with less money
than most and you will likely have to work hard to get ahead in

Karma Number (9)

You are dealing with the karma of avoiding assisting or loving
other people in a past life. Your lesson in this lifetime is to
learn to be kind, compassionate and help others. You will probably
start this life with great personal needs of your own, and will
only progress in life once you learn how to be a teacher or a
philanthropist in your own life.

As you can see this is not the usual way that numbers are
calculated but it is interesting as the interpretations are
practically the opposite of what we would normally associate with
these particular number values.

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Proof that numerology is real and numbers have magical powers?

Think of any number between 1 and 10. Add 2 to this number. Now double the result. Add 3 to this number. Now subtract from this your original number. Add this number to 2002, the year in which our great leader Botevius was born. If the current year is an even number, add one. Now, subtract again you original number. The year you get will be the year of your death.

What is the Signifigance of Numbers and numerology?

Can you give me an example of a number solidly representing something, in more occurances that to negate the probability of it?

What I’m getting at is are there ‘powerful’ numbers (with lots of use and importance) and ‘weak’ numbers (with relative less importance and use).

Most importantly, why??

Sorry to confuse you, I couldn’t think of a better way to word this.

Proof that numerology is real and numbers predict the future?

Think of any number between 1 and 10. Add 2 to this number. Now double the result. Add 3 to this number. Now subtract from this your original number. Add this number to 2002, the year in which our great leader Botevius was born. If the current year on your calendar is an even number, add one. Now, subtract again you original number. The year you get will be the year of your death.