Is Mars not considered too manly in some forms of paganism?

Question by virile romulus jedi ghoul: Is Mars not considered too manly in some forms of paganism?
I ask this question because I had an answer deleted to this question:

“Is Heathenism the manliest path of paganism?”

There was nothing which violated the yahoo terms of service in the answer. I did, however, mention things about Mars, martial activity, strong biceps, rippling abs, and great running speed, in the answer.

The answer did have a distinctly martial tone to it, though. Could this have scared some pagans out there? Is it somehow wrong to point out that it is in no way manly to have a limp wand when the question deals with manly forms of paganism?

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Answer by Phoenix M JPA
I have had a question deleted for using the word Heathen. Someone who claimed to be a pagan thought it was offensive and reported it.

However Mars is a Roman god, not a Heathen one.

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Q&A: What brought you to paganism?

Question by Arachstorm: What brought you to paganism?
Just curious as to how others came across paganism? Here’s my own little story. Even as a child being raised Christian…it never felt right (I was always in trouble in sunday school for asking the wrong questions). In college…”Wicca” kept crossing my path. I ignored it because it involved “Witch’s” and I saw my share of movies (LOL). In the army after college, I made friends with a guy who ended up being a Wiccan Priest. Again…held on to the past even if it had never felt right. It “wicca/paganism” kept crossing my path…and I would ignore it. Then one week several years ago…I had some VERY VERY life-like dreams about dragons. I had always been facinated by dragons and fantasy novels but the dreams were “VERY” intense. I started really looking into dragons. I came across Dancing with Dragons by DJ Conway…the rest is history. My beliefs have taken their own route but the best way to sum them up is to say “I’m pagan”. Just curious of others stories
Jasmine808…here ya go. But first, what brought you to paganism?

My parents never went to church…the only time I ever saw them pray is at dinners such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Even then, they made me do it (and still try). I however, as a six year old, decided to go myself to my grandma’s (catholic) AND grandpa’s (baptist). I ended up staying with baptist when I was 8 until I went to college.

Again…yes I prayed on a regular basis, especially with my grandma (grandpa died when I was 7).

The biggies: 12 disciples…why not a book in the bible for each? Jesus’ missing years? Dinosaurs? Why God killed so much? “King James Version”…where’s the real version? All from the mind of a 7-16 year old that to this day hates the answer “because”.

That was when I realized EVERYTHING christians believed…was based on a book that had multiple versions through 2000 years! Still considered myself christian (just didn’t believe the bible) until I found my truth.
guraqt2me…same thing. What brought you to paganism?

And I disagree 100%. I AM a believer, I just don’t believe the same as you. And I’m fine with that. Good luck on your chosen path.

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Answer by Jasmine808
I’m just curious… Were your parents the sort of Christians who went to church on Sunday but that was the extent of their faith? Did you pray regularly with your parents? What sorts of questions would you ask in Sunday school that got you into trouble?

Thanks for answering my questions. In this section, it can be difficult discussing religion because people get very defensive, sarcastic or disrespectful about what other people believe. As a teen, I was curious about paganism (and other religions) but I’ve always been drawn back to Christianity. I am a Christian now.

One of my interests are to find out why people leave the Christian faith and whether these individuals had a solid Christian support system — at least one person in their lives who exemplified what the faith should be. Something else I am learning about is how to talk about my faith. I haven’t thought about the questions you had about Christian doctrine. This is of particular interest to me. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll message you sometime in the future — not in the attempt to convert you — but to have an intellectual discussion.

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Question about Paganism?

Question by Water Witch: Question about Paganism?
What is it really? I looked it up on Wiki but I wasn’t making much sense of it. I know “paganism” has been given a bad reputation, but I’ve been told that my ways of worship are simliar to Paganism so I wanted to find out more information about it. I have an open mind so I’m open to learn anything new. For all I know this might be the right type of religion for me…I don’t like labeling myself to a religion because I”ve never found a religion that I’ve agreed with, but perhaps Paganism might be the way for me.

I preferably want answers from Pagans, but who ever can answer is fine.

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Answer by Rachel
Paganism is the belief in many gods, and is mainly used today in reference to earth based religions, like wicca. It is the oldest form of worship we know of today. Here’s a link that might help, and kudos on being so openminded!

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Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?

Question by Anna: Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?
Hey there. What are some good books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and other pagan religions? Preferably with an inconspicuous name that doesn’t actually say “Wicca” “Magick” “Pagan” etc.

Thanks 🙂

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Answer by MSB
That’s a tough one. I would say look for:

Drawing Down the Moon
Spiral Dance
Triumph of the Moon
Out of the Shadows
The Way of Four
Stations of the Sun
Sea Priestess (fiction but worth reading, by Dione Fortune under a different name I recall)
Circle Round (actually for parents but gives a good overview of Paganism through raising a Pagan family)

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Are there any Zen Pagans out there? Is Zen Paganism a functional religion?

Question by Beatchanter: Are there any Zen Pagans out there? Is Zen Paganism a functional religion?
Let’s use as a base definition …..

for Zen: “emphasis on practice and experiential wisdom—particularly as realized in the form of meditation known as zazen—in the attainment of awakening.”

And Paganism: “a term which, from a Western perspective, has come to connote a broad set of spiritual or cultic practices or beliefs of any folk religion, and of historical and contemporary polytheistic religions in particular.”

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Answer by rhio9
Is ANY religion “functional”? I think not. I think all religion is DYSFUNCTIONAL.

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If we are now heading into the Aeon of Scientific Paganism, would that meet the requirements of Apocalypse?

Question by Tahuti: If we are now heading into the Aeon of Scientific Paganism, would that meet the requirements of Apocalypse?
The gods of one age become the devils of the age to follow. The priests look forward to the age to come and see only the end of the world. -Lon Milo Duquette

ps. the term “Scientific Paganism” was coined by philosopher Timothy Leary in his book “Your Brain is God.”
The greatest minds in humanity’s history have never stayed On the Rails. Look at Tesla as an example.

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Answer by WiseOne
No…the apocalypse is described in the bible, maybe you should read it.

oh,and by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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