Red Ice Radio – Leo Rutherford – Pt 1 – Religion, The Greatest Fraud Ever Sold

Leo Rutherford is the author of “Thorsons Way of Shamanism”, “The View Through the Medicine Wheel”, “Shamanic Path Workbook” and the upcoming title “Spirituality without Religion – The God Who Hates Bodies, Women and Sex”. Leo joins us to talk about Shamanism, Religion, Christianity, the Christian Church, The Relationship to Sexuality and Religion as the Great Fraud of the Last 2000 Years. Topics Discussed: Introduction to Shamanism, Christianity, Billy Graham, Suppressing Emotions, Sexuality, Tools, Why is sexuality being suppressed in the Christian Church? War and Love, Roman Catholic Church, the Inquisition, Land, Property, Witch, Wise Woman, Gold, Assets, A Male Prerogative, Destroying of Knowledge, Hidden Knowledge, Vatican, Celibacy, The Church Loosing Power, Sun of God, Virgin Mare – Mary, Jesus Christ, Crucifixion, Death, Life, Sacrifice, Justin Martyr, Rome, Constantine, Rome and the UK, Envy, Women and Birth, Genesis, Creation, Adam & Eve, Serpent, God is a Liar, Serpent, With Knowledge Comes Pleasure and Pain, Self Awareness, Choice, Financial Trouble, Challenge, 2012, Adaptable People, Funny Money, Who is Responsible? Liabilities in the Future, Remote Viewing. In the second hour with Leo we focus on the the Four Steps of Shamanism and the process of becoming whole. We discuss the importance of letting go and how to regain your self esteem, to learn to face death, how to stop the world and stop the mind and how to finally master the Wheel of Life. We talk about

Consciousness Evolving Without Religion

bit incoherent *cough cough* which i apologize for. for the purposes of this video, as discussed herein, i use the term “spirituality” as it pertains to the distinctive characteristics of a being or entity. there’s more to my views on that, which if anyone’s interested i might expand on in a future video. suffice to say, i do NOT think spirituality *as a factor of human psychology* or as a human inclination, necessitates any belief in the supernatural, or a belief in an immortal soul or an afterlife. its more referring to the concept of Self and the assumption that there is something distinct to each individual, beyond mere appearance, which seems so prevalent in our species. obviously, here in this discussion i’ve not mentioned the phase of polytheism which dominated much of human history, but its not really germane to this discussion. early spiritual practices and rituals were centered around communicating with, placating, or trying to influence their god or gods. this inevitably lead to giving the people responsible for this, power and influence within the group. thus was born religion. just one instrument of many that human beings have devised to control or manipulate one another. it need not arise that way. other worlds will have other conditions, and the intelligent beings who evolve may do so from predatory carnivores, and therefore have less empathy for certain lifeforms, and hence they would develop differently. or they could be nocturnal, or aquatic, or any

Leo Rutherford – Spirituality without Religion – Finding your Path With Heart One Sunday morning, at the Chapel Arts Centre in Bath, Leo Rutherford gave a talk on the joys and blessings of the Christian faith……
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Why is it that Atheists come to “Religion and Spirituality?”?

Question by wendalore: Why is it that Atheists come to “Religion and Spirituality?”?
Since they do not believe in them? (another millionth question – I think I’ve seen this one.)

Is it to feel better than religious people by dint of their superiority?

Is it to spread the light of wisdom to what they see as the primitive “heathen”… as if they were like the missionaries in the olden days come to spread Christianity to the Pagans?

Is it because they are so much happier than Theists, and they want everyone to be happy like they are?

I got a LOT of answers to my question about Atheism being a kind of faith. The dedication of the Atheist, whom, day or night, can be found to tell Theists they are wrong does smack of the fervor of the Evangelical missionary. So I guess on an emotional level, it still seems like a kind of faith to me.

But I digress: Speaking as honestly as you can, looking deep inside, why do you, Atheist person, come here to R&S?

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Answer by Sea squill Squill
Environmental factors determine one’s beliefs. This is why the Truth with a capital T is timeless. Note how ‘timeless’ doesn’t take a capital T… this is because our universe is one atom of another universe.

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Why are there separate sections for “Religion and Spirituality” and “Mythology and Folklore”?

Question by Unnecessary X’s: Why are there separate sections for “Religion and Spirituality” and “Mythology and Folklore”?
It all really depends on perspective.

To a Christain, the Ancient, nature-based Gods and Goddesses would be a Myth. To a Pagan, the story of Jesus would be simply a Myth. It goes on and on…

Why are there two sections?

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Answer by good boy!
It is redundant, I know.

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Q&A: Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam as juvenile and barbaric as any ancient “pagan” religion?

Question by Biff H: Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam as juvenile and barbaric as any ancient “pagan” religion?

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Answer by gertystorrud
True Christianity is not! < ')))><

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the one true religion?

Question by mystic: the one true religion?
just wondering, if pagan religions are heathen and uncivilized and the one true religion “Christianity” is civilized and pure, then how come through out history christainity is responsible for more deaths then any other religion?
this question was sparked by an answer i received claiming Christianity to be civil and all other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, wicca, and so forth uncivilized and heathen.if you want to see the answer and question look up “what is paganism?”

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Answer by Alissa
“Christianity” is a million different religions.

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