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Do proponents of the term “Neo-Wicca” think we have short memories?

Question by LabGrrl: Do proponents of the term “Neo-Wicca” think we have short memories?
I was there, in the 1980s, when the same British Traditional Witches who now wish to label Wicca as “Neo-Wicca” proclaimed that “real Witches” did not use the term Wicca, and that it was pronounced “Weesha” and that anyone who used the term Wiccan was a poseur.

I was one of many people who said “Fine, then, Witches, we’ll take the term Wiccan, and you can stuff it. We won’t claim to be you people, and everyone can be happy.”

If they think we’re giving up the term because their numbers are dwindling and ours are not, they can stuff that, too.
David: Gardner was a plantation inspector, not a rubber planter, and as someone with a degree in Anthropology and coursework in the history of Anthropology, i can tell you that before WWII, anyone could claim the term, similar to “philosopher”

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Answer by a -theo- ist says goodbye Debra
With all due respect, I would advise you not to dwell on what makes you different and concentrate on the similarities.

Divide and conquer. It’s been done a million times.

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