wicca and Christianity?

Question by Lynn: wicca and Christianity?
I previously posted a question about wanting to do Reiki. I am actually feeling very led to learn this art and administer it.

I, however, am a Christian through and through. I did receive some good feedback on my last post about whether Christians find Reiki to be okay, (amongst beliefs)…but now I’ve stumbled across a bit more I’d like opinions on.

I can’t help but notice when I research this online….Reiki, or any healing art for that matter….it tends to connect with a “wicca” site. Often I’ll do a search engine on Reiki, and I’ll get wicca, paganism, etc.

Can anyone share why these intertwine as they do?

Thanks in advance for your MATURE answers! 🙂

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Answer by Jewel
Because Wicca and other pagan religions tend to have more support for what is often referred to as “non-traditional” or “alternative” medicine.

By and large, practitioners of Reiki, acupuncture and acupressure, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and other non-traditional forms of medicine, are more likely to follow Wicca, Shinto, Buddhism, or other non-Abrahamic path than to be Christian.

Hence the links you’re curious about–to connect them with the people who are most likely to be interested.

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Wiccans: Did you know that wicca isn’t interchangeable with pagan?

Question by Epidexia93: Wiccans: Did you know that wicca isn’t interchangeable with pagan?
I always see people define things as being “wicca/pagan” but that would assume they are the same thing. They aren’t. Pagan is an umbrella term that applies to many other religions (including original christianity) and wicca is a very specific religion started by Gerald Gardner that, while having many different branches, is not the only form of paganism.

It’s just kind of annoying because my holy books tend to be miscategorized under “wicca” even though it’s not related. You do know that wicca started in the 50’s and while paganism has been around for thousands of years right?
Also don’t tell me about the “ancient witch cult” thing where you claim that wicca goes back thousands of years. That is just part of the religion’s mythology and isn’t historically accurate. Nobody considered themselves a wiccan or witch until recently.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean to say that Wicca and pagan aren’t interchangeable terms in the sense that while yes, you can be wiccan and call yourself a pagan, someone who considers themselves a pagan is not automatically a wiccan.
Christianity definitely has it’s roots in paganism. Theyre own deity is very similar to Osiris and Dionysus which also came before the Jesus myth.

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Answer by Rey
Yes, Wicca is NOT some ancient religion.

Its something that was made to bring back all the POWERFUL males deities and SEXUALLY LIBERATED women deities.

But, unforuntely, due to Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike, they have co-oppted it to make it into some troll in a cave, some giant on the rag goddess that likes to see men on their knees, and castrate them.

EDIT: And I think..no i’m SURE, Original Christianity was GNOSTIC….till the Catholic church killed most of them off, and said they were evil lol

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info and websites about wicca?

Question by Anna: info and websites about wicca?
So I know some stuff about Wicca, but I want to know more…and i’d have to learn it all online because I can’t get books. So yeah, websites? 🙂
And also, is it okay to be Wiccan but not practice? Like to have the beliefs but not do rituals and stuff? Because my dad’s a Christian.
And, (sorry lol) if I were to get books, what are some really good ones? That don’t specifically say “Wicca” or “witchcraft” or “Pagan” because I don’t want to freak daddy out lol .I mean, he already knows I’m interested in it, and says it’s okay, but i think he thinks that i’ll grow out of it or something.
Thank you soo much! 😉 && Blessed be )O(
First answerer (sorry I forgot the name) – I know that Wicca and witchcraft are different. You can be any religion and practice witchcraft. But thanks anyways.
And to David H – Thanks. Great to see a Christian who isn’t…um, threatening me? No offense, but a lot of you do. 😀

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Answer by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

But frankly its HUGE and easy to get lost …

Not everyone who is Wiccan practices witchcraft …

I follow many Wiccan traditions but do not practice witchcraft …

Edit – David you rock … I truly appreciate your open mind and heart … had to publicly say it …

2nd Edit – OK … thats what I get for trying to help …sarcasm …very nice …

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Can Christianity and Wicca be successfully combined?

Question by prairiecrow: Can Christianity and Wicca be successfully combined?
Hello, all:

I’ve seen people asking questions about combining Christianity and Wicca, which frankly has me scratching my head. Wicca celebrates the Goddess and Her Beloved Consort and the frankly sexual nature of Their love for one another. Wicca is a religion in which every trained member is considered one of the clergy, and which has no clergy/laity distinction per se. And we lack any concept equivalent to original sin, which renders the sacrifice of Jesus meaningless in a Wiccan context.

Well… that’s my opinion. So my questions are:

1) What’s your opinion on the issue of combining Christianity and Wicca? and
2) Why do you think that people would seek to create something like “Christian Wicca” in the first place? Is it a case of people saying “Wicca” when in fact they mean “witchcraft” (a completely different thing)? Or is it something else?

Many thanks to everybody who takes the time to respond.

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Answer by John P

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Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?

Question by Anna: Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?
Hey there. What are some good books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and other pagan religions? Preferably with an inconspicuous name that doesn’t actually say “Wicca” “Magick” “Pagan” etc.

Thanks 🙂

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Answer by MSB
That’s a tough one. I would say look for:

Drawing Down the Moon
Spiral Dance
Triumph of the Moon
Out of the Shadows
The Way of Four
Stations of the Sun
Sea Priestess (fiction but worth reading, by Dione Fortune under a different name I recall)
Circle Round (actually for parents but gives a good overview of Paganism through raising a Pagan family)

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