Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment

The Effects of Spirituality in Medical Treatment
The National Cancer Institute stated that in a large survey of cancer survivors, 61 percent reported using spirituality and prayer as a complementary treatment. Zachariae et al. defined spiritual healing as “a systematic, purposeful intervention by one …
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Maori Healers, Myofascial massage for trauma, spiritual awakening, birthing & fertility.

maorihealers.wordpress.com or contact: atarangi.muru@gmail.com join Health Nut on Facebook: www.facebook.com THE MAORI ARE PERFECT FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, TRAUMA, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, BIRTHING & FERTILITY AND MALADIES OF THE HEART. Mirimiri: the healing process that works on all 4 dimensions. It connects the Tohunga to the 12th heaven (realm) where in Maori mythology, Taane climbed his way up to this 12th plane to uplift the 3 kete (baskets) of sacred knowledge. Koo Miri: is the process of koorerorero (talking) is used to find the ‘core’ emotional bindings that dis-able, dis-empower and keep dis-cord rife. These are mainly emotional experiences behind physical, psychological or mental ailments. Through the use of the Whatumanawa, (the third eye) one is able to identify issues and bring about change as well as healing. Taa Miri: is to read and listen to the body. This is mainly where we see the trauma trapped within the body. For example: Calves – primary relationships and heavy metals trapped in body and they sink Hip bones – imbalance of energy, male / female energy askew Upper arms – pain in this area lack of self nurturing Romiromi: Use of elbows, hands, knees, feet, raakau (stick / wood), kohatu /toka (stones), moana (seawater), to do a very deep tissue body work. These are as Papa says the stages of what he teaches, Te Oomai Reia. All of the above in turn bring about TE REO – the voices of nature. Some of the techniques that we use are as old as the ancient

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Originally created and posted by Jonathan (adampants2007 and adampants2008 on youtube). Jonathan shares his lessons from the creative spirit, and very clearly explains much about our reality, and how it works. Through the love of creative spirit,we will be reconnected to ourselves as life, even through all this manipulation.

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Goldman among best spiritual writers of 2011
Goldman, an award-winning journalist and the author of four books, focuses her writing on the intersections of spirituality, healing, psychology and religion. She began her writing career as a features, news and investigative reporter for the Cleveland …
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Spirituality and the Road Home
This healing process is energized by what Jean Sanville calls the reparative instinct. A natural urge to become whole takes over. The words healing and religion both allude to bringing and binding together something that has become frayed or broken. …
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