Poetry help?

I need to analyze the poem “Sea Spell” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the painting “Sea Spell” as well.

Anyone know good websites that analyze it, like symbolism, literacy devices, meanings, stuff like that.

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.
Her lute hangs shadowed in the apple-tree,
While flashing fingers weave the sweet-strung spell
Between its chords; and as the wild notes swell,
The sea-bird for those branches leaves the sea.
But to what sound her listening ear stoops she?
What netherworld gulf-whispers doth she hear,
In answering echoes from what planisphere,
Along the wind, along the estuary?
She sinks into her spell: and when full soon
Her lips move and she soars into her song,
What creatures of the midmost main shall throng
In furrowed self-clouds to the summoning rune,
Till he, the fated mariner, hears her cry,
And up her rock, bare breasted, comes to die?

Anything interesting you notice?

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