Chinese Herbal Knowledge — Its Origins (17)

THE ORIGINS of Chinese Herbal Knowledge → Where does the ancient herbal knowledge come from in China? It does not come from laboratory testing because none existed then. It does not come from transcendental meditation as suggested by storytellers. It does not come from the scholars whose expertise was literature, not herbs. → How ancient and who were the discoverers? The Chinese herbal knowledge comprises bits and pieces of information accumulated over 4000 years. This knowledge relates to the discoveries of medicinal herbs by ordinary people, mostly illiterate peasants, who were experimenting with the plants in surrounding areas for healing effects. → Who did the documentation? Since the majority of the peasantry was illiterate, the elite scholars took on the task of documenting this herbal knowledge. Some of them were commissioned by the Emperors to do the job. Besides interviewing, investigating, and confirming the peasants’ discoveries, the scholars also tried to explain the empirical evidence using their philosophies about nature, life, health, and disease. Consequently, they have added a body of classical theories on top of a simple folk medicine based only on experimentation with plants. Compared with the folk medicines of other cultures, Chinese medicine is most heavily documented. It is also characterized by highly literary and metaphysical contents. Some examples of classical texts are: “Historical Record”, Si Ma Qian. “史記”司馬遷”Book of Interior” or “Nei
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Portrett av Edvard Munch

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Portrett av Edvard Munch

Image by National Library of Norway
Tittel / Title: Portrett av Edvard Munch (1863-1944)
Motiv / Motif: Kabinettkort. Fotografiet stammer fra Gyldendals historiske portrettarkiv.
Dato / Date: ukjent / unknown
Fotograf / Photographer: ukjent / unknown
Eier / Owner Institution: Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway
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Portrait d’Edvard Munch (Oslo)

Image by dalbera
Photographie d’Edvard Munch
musée Munch

Munch Museum photo archive.

Photo exposée rephotographiée dans le musée

Photo Annie Dalbéra

What is Yoga Vasistha? What is the Spiritual Significance of Yoga Vasista?

Question by : What is Yoga Vasistha? What is the Spiritual Significance of Yoga Vasista?
What is a good book to read Yoga Vasistha online?

Best answer:

Answer by Christ
It is said that this book alone can lead to spiritual liberation. The conversation between Sage Vasistha and Prince Rama is of that between a great enlightened sage and a seeker who is about to reach completeness. This is amongst those rare conversations which directly leads to Truth.

This scripture provides several understandings, scientific ideas, philosophies, and explains about consciousness, creation of the world, the multiple universes in this world, our perception of world, dissolution of the world and the liberation of this soul, the non-dual approach to this creation.

Just as the blue sky is an optical illusion this entire world and the creation is but such an optical illusion. When the illusion ends in the mind, the world and its miseries too end. The self is the seer of all, the self is the perceiver of all and the self is the experiencer of all. And that self is only one.

There is no two, there is no subject, seer and the object. It is all one.

Another oft repeated verse in the text is that of Kakathaliya (coincidence). The story of how a crow alights on a palm tree and that very moment the ripe palm fruit falls on the ground. The two events are apparently related, yet the crow never intended the palm fruit to fall nor did the palm fruit fall because the crow sat on the tree. The intellect mistakes the two events as related, though in reality they are not.

All of creation is the play of consciousness. As an unenlightened person may have a desire for action, and then perceives themselves doing action, the two are unrelated as the crow and the palm fruit. Consciousness is the actor, the action, the process and the witness of action.

The book is divided into 6 parts:

Qualifications of a seeker

The Yoga Vasishta sums up the spiritual process in terms of the Seven Bhoomikas:

1. Subecha. Longing for the Truth
The yogi or sadhaka rightly distinguishes between permanent and impermanent; cultivates dislike for worldly pleasures; acquires mastery over organs, physical and mental; and feels a deep yearning to be free from Samsara.

2. Vicharana. Right inquiry
The yogi has pondered over what her/she has read and heard and has realized it in his/her life.

3. Tanumanasa. Attenuation or thinning out of mental activities.
The mind abandons the many and remains fixed on the ONE.

4. Sattvapati. Attainment of Sattva
The Yogi at this stage is called Brahmavid or Knower of Brahman.

In the above 4 stages, the yogi is subject to Sanchita, Prabrabdha and Agami Karmas. He/she has been practicing Samprajnata Samadhi or contemplation in which consciousness of duality still exists.

5. Asamsakti. Unaffected by anything
The yogi, now called Brahmavidvara performs necessary duties of own will (that is, without a sense of involvement).

6. Pararthabhavani. See Brahman everywhere
External things do not appear to exist to the yogi, now called Brahmavidvariya, and functions are performed only at the prompting of others.
Sanchit and Agami Karmas are now destroyed. Only a small amount of Prarabdha Karma remains.

7. Turiya. Perpetual Samadhi
The yogi is known as Brahmavidvaristha and does not perform his duties either by his will or the promptings of others. The body drops off after approximately three days of entering this stage.

Yoga Vasistha was originally written in Sanskrit. It was translated to English by Swami Jyotirmayananda [1], Swami Venkatesananda, Vidvan Bulusu Venkateswaraulu, and Vihari Lal Mitra. K. Naryanaswami Aiyer translated the famous condensation Laghu-Yoga-Vasistha.

Aum Namoh Narayanaya

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As reported in Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin (, when statins first appeared in pharmacies around the country, they seemed like a miracle drug. Some doctors even suggested that these drugs should be added to drinking water because they appeared to be so effective without the side effects. But, this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a health alert requiring statin drugs to carry labels warning about possible side effects, including confusion, memory loss, elevated blood sugar levels, and muscle weakness.

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article reports that after the discovery of antibiotics, statinstouted for their cholesterol-busting abilityhave been the best-selling prescription drug in the world. While the article concedes that these drugs have well-documented benefits for heart disease in many groups of patients at moderate and high cardiovascular risk, it cites a recent study that says statins are harmful for those who dont fall into these categories.

The research team that conducted the study is now concerned because some health authorities are currently pushing for the anti-cholesterol drugs to be added to the public water supply, as the article notes. The researchers pointed out that statins have shown that they can actually have a detrimental effect on the health of people without high cholesterol or heart disorders.

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article also reports the research team asserts that statins should be prescribed only to those patients with heart disease, or who have suffered the condition in the past. They warn that, unless a patient is at high risk of heart attack or stroke, statins may cause more harm than good.

The article notes the allure of taking statins is that it allows people to eat fatty foods they want without having to worry about high cholesterol levels, and consequently, their heart health. The FDA having weighed in on the issue, its likely that statins wont be added to drinking water anytime soonwhich is just as well.

Avoid prescription side effects like memory loss and elevated blood sugar levels that could lead to type 2 diabetes, opting for a healthy diet instead, suggests the Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article. Keeping LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in check with healing foods is definitely the way to go.

(SOURCE: Ginter, E., et al., “Addition of statins into the public water supply? Risks of side effects and low cholesterol levels,” Cas Lek Cesk, 2012; 151(5): 24327.)

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Any who are spiritual yoga practitioners, any words of wisdom?

Question by Yogini: Any who are spiritual yoga practitioners, any words of wisdom?
How do you get through times of physical inability to do asana practice? I have found it to be the key into my spiritual life and since suffering a shoulder injury find that I have to rest this aspect.
I know yoga is not just asana practice but how have you overcome the frustration of not being able to practice the physical form? Any kind words would be great……Namaste
Thanks sybil

And Phoenix, that was an incredibly wise answer…thank you….I will do that today…..
Thanks hot….the hard part for me is that my practice has been ashtanga so I’m used to a fast flow…. I guess I’ll be researching my options…..

Best answer:


I often have times of forced physical inactivity and I also find meditation to be helpful…and stretch what you can…just let the injured area heal…there are times of rest in life…

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