Jane Fonda prime time. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners – Review

Written by Jasmine

Webmistress The Majickal Garden

 For the last few years I have been mostly doing my yoga routines without following a video. (It was a long time before I felt confident enough to do this and after learning many different poses.) I find a fuller satisfying inner experience without the distraction of following someone on the TV screen. Every so often I like to change it up or challenge myself with a new video. I might add new poses to the ones I am familiar with and physically capable of doing.

Also, occasionally I will throw in a beginner sequence to refresh my basic knowledge of properly doing the poses with an instructor talking thru the progression of correct breathing and movements. Like any physical activity, letting oneself become less diligent in proper form can lead to injury. Attending yoga classes is something I would highly recommend for beginners as it is so important to learn the proper basics of yoga. This is how I started out. After that I felt more comfortable practicing in my own home, in the luxury of my own peaceful solitude.

My last trip to the library led me to “Jane Fonda prime time. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners (2012)”. I found it a refreshing beginner’s video for a few reasons. I felt she was attentive in her instruction with breathe, posture and stressing importance of holding in stomach muscles which support the back throughout a pose. She was easy to listen to where some instructors are not and it can be distracting. In the background there were 3 women doing the poses with different modifications based on level. Camera angles allowed a respectable viewing to progress along with her. (This can also be lacking in other beginner videos.)

I also liked, being within the range of middle age : ), that the extra participants were as well and had a “normal” look about them. Although there are definite ranges in levels of physical ability in yoga, it can be encouraging to know this as opposed to following lithe, thin 20 something’s, especially when you are starting out! When Jane Fonda did this video she was 74. She has spent most of her life keeping herself fit with different modes of activity.

There was a section where a balance pose was involved and she used a chair next to her for a modification where the other women did not. She stated that she was doing this because she has balance issues because of a few reasons. Her honesty in her limitations was refreshing and instead of eliminating this pose or she could have chosen to walk about the room in a non-participating role, she did the pose based on her ability and an aid of the chair to follow thru with it. Yoga poses should only be carried out to your own ability and level. She got my respect right there.

Yoga has help strengthen my back greatly allowing me increased flexibility as well as greatly reducing the intensity of debilitating strains that could hinder me for a few weeks or more.  The key for me in yoga has been and remains understanding my limitations by “listening” to my body. Any sign of the slightest pain is letting you know to back up in a pose or stop it altogether.

I do recommend this video for beginners. I will keep it on my own list for a gentle, basic yoga workout. It is suggested by instructors to view whole video’s before participating with them.

Tantra Yoga – Being an Instrument of Life – Sadhguru

www.ishafoundation.org www.innerengineering.com Tantra – what used to be a whole spiritual path, has been abused and misunderstood to be mere unbridled promiscuity, especially in the West. In this talk, “Tantra – Being an Instrument of Life”, Sadhguru redefines tantra, restoring it to its original scope and dimension as an ancient technology for ultimate transformation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music For Yoga – Journey To The Heart vol.4 (Full Album)

Music For Yoga - Journey To The Heart vol.4 (Full Album)

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Raja Yoga Meditation Technique – Sr Jayanti

Raja Yoga Meditation Technique – Sr Jayanti BK Jayanti is the European director of the Brahma Kumaris and for 40 years been an emissary for peace with a vision and experience that is global and deeply spiritual. Sister Jayanti has the unique ability to impart the deepest thoughts and truth with utmost clarity She has traveled extensively to more than 100 countries as a sought after speaker and broadcaster. Her prominent lectures include health, religions of the world, education, racial harmony, sustainability, and many more.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music For Yoga – Journey To The Heart vol.3 (Full Album)

Music For Yoga – Journey To The Heart vol.3 (Full Album) ヨガの為の音楽Journey to the Heart III “Music for Healing” is the third in a series of healing music releases that focuses on the Mind, Body & Spirit. Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Benedetti & Svoboba, Uma and Nawang Khechog as well as many others have contributed tracks to this thematic compilation. With its many flavors and endless colors, this collection is a magical trek that will sooth, calm and uplift the mind and heart with a wide range of cavalcade artists and critically acclaimed music. “Music for Healing” is an evocative, enriching journey with a vision of interactivity to transport toward the calm of the inner self. Song List 01. Tabili – Kitaro 02. Dark Passage – Dave Eggar 03. Garden Of Love – Uma 04. Ocean Of Wisdom – Hawang Khechog 05. Wind-Borne Seeds – Shinji 06. Sueno – Benedetti & Sveboda 07. Bahia Breeze – Steve Reid 08. Satobiki – Kitaro 09. The Fragile Dawn – Lee Blaske 10. Beau Soi – Steve Anderson 11. Silk Road – Yu-Xiao Guang Official Website domomusicgroup.com 日本語オフィシャルウェブサイトhttp
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Q&A: Is it wrong to practice yoga even though I believe in the Christian god?

Question by Someone: Is it wrong to practice yoga even though I believe in the Christian god?
Doesn’t it say we are supposed to be more spiritual in the end times? What if I believe it is near end times and that helps me spiritually?

Best answer:

Answer by David T
I think it should be the other way around.
Right to practice and wrong to believe in.

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