“For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself.”  ~  Henry David Thoreau ~

You are  your own best friend.  We’ve all heard this statement before.  The sooner we can grasp the meaning of this, the sooner we will realize the truth of it. What does it mean to be your own best friend? It means being in touch with your inner landscape, it means listening to your inner voice, it means trusting your self .

A sixth sense, spiritual insight, instinct; (the ability) to know something without conscious reasoning, immediate apprehension…pure knowledge>> INTUITION…the guiding light from within.

“The primary force is intuition.  In that deep force, the last fact behind which analysis cannot go, all things find their origin.”  ~ Ralph Emerson Waldo ~

When it comes to intuition, the largest part of it depends on trust.  Trusting self. Allowing knowledge to enter your heart and trusting it to be true, keeping the mind and heart wide open.  In meditation, for instance, you give the mind a rest and thus become more open to ‘what is’, without expectation or fears & desires.  This is where intuition can give you room to grow spiritually, free from analyzing, thinking and reasoning.

Intuition is part of you, like your organs, and you cannot live without it.  When you develop your intuition, and trust your intuition, your decisions become more fundamental and spontaneous.  Trusting your intuition gives a feeling of freedom.  Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes will impede the process of developing your intuition.

Quietude is the basic foundation on which to build your intuition.  Regular meditation will strengthen your intuition; you will be more in balance and will find it easier to go with the flow of  your inner landscape.  When you are in balance you will not be bogged down by fear, emotions, exhaustion etc.   Know that your biggest source of wisdom lies within you; trust your intuition.

Taking care of self, body/mind/spirit, will enable you to tap into your intuition.  Assume that intuition works for you.  Trust that it is there to guide you in life’s journey.  Remind yourself that you are an intrinsic part of the ‘big picture’.

“The only really valuable thing is intuition. ~ Albert Einstein

It is important to pay attention to your intuition. Concentrate on what is happening in and around you.  All your organs, your blood, your breath, all that makes up your life (your existence) works together to make up who you are and gives you life’s journey on earth.  It is this ‘working together’ that makes this happen in exchange with the world around you.  Thus you are part of the “big picture”.


The first and foremost step is to be aware.  Awareness of self and of life around you will give you strength in developing your intuition.  Be responsible for who you are and for the actions you take.  Decide your own path and let your intuition guide you.  Self confidence will give you the (emotional) freedom to follow your bliss and will lead you toward freedom of restraint such as fear, dogma.  Take the initiative to create your own life, give into the moment, and release your anxieties &insecurities.  Experience life and the myriad  possibilities it offers.

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  ~  Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~

By developing intuition you build self confidence and will eventually live from the inside out.  You will be able to control your situations and your emotions.  You will decide what makes you happy and what hinders you, remove barriers, decide your own mood and eventually you will be able to enjoy each moment as it is presented to you.  Once your intuition is strong enough, you will enjoy pure assertiveness, strong decision making abilities, choice, and above all a strong sense of self.  Hence you will feel better.  Your health will improve as well.

Meditation and relaxation are big factors in achieving this goal, and once you have momentum there’s no stopping…you will be able to enjoy life as it is meant to be. Decide your own direction in life; listen to your heart.  Animals posses intuition and we are witness of this every day.  Tap into your own wisdom and realize your full potential.

“Every artist dips his brush into his soul…” ~ Henry Ward Beecher – (1813 – 1887)

For many people intuition is mysterious.  Artists, on the other hand, are more familiar with the concept of this undefinable driving force.  They tap into it (almost) subconsciously.  We too can cultivate this non-rational way of being; rejuvenate ourselves, ground and balance our energies and deepen our relationships.

In order to do this we must learn to have awareness for the sensations that constantly soar through our bodies; these are signals that have to be attended to.  In this way we begin to sense how they relate to what we eat, think and feel (etc.), and will bring our awareness back into a living connexion with our bodies & with the universe, experiencing the total ‘body/mind/spirit’ connexion.

This straight knowledge comes from our inner spiritual level, tapping into our ‘higher’ faculties, and is an expression of the soul.  To experience this sense of bliss, it is essential that our emotional nature becomes serene and balanced.  Regular meditation & relaxation,  reflective thinking, and  quietude are all methods to get into this state.  It is a developed and discriminating mind that can lead us there.  It is our ‘higher’ level thinking that brings us close to our inner essence of soul.

“The only justice is to follow the sincere intuition of the soul.”~ D.H.Lawrence ~

The last endocrine gland to have its function discovered  is the pineal gland.  It is located deep in the brain, directly behind the eyes.  It is associated with the 6th chakra ( ‘Anja’ or ‘3rd eye’ ).

It is believed to be a dormant organ that can be awakened to enhance “intuition”.Rene Descartes called it “the seat of the soul”. This area is believed to be the connecting link between the physical and the spiritual world, and is considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to human beings.  This gland is large in children and begins to shrink at the onset of puberty.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin ( a hormone) during times of relaxation & visualization ; when activated it becomes the line of communication with the ‘higher’ planes.

To activate this ‘3rd eye’ the pineal gland and pituitary gland  must vibrate in unison, which is achieved  through meditation & relaxation.

Visualization is the first step in directing the energy in our inner landscape, to activate the 3rd eye.  Intuition is achieved through 3rd eye development.  We raise our consciousness from emotional nature into an illuminated awareness when the pineal gland is lifted from dormancy.  We then loose our sense of ego and become conscious (aware) of our inner self.

Take the journey inside yourself and discover the ‘friend’ that will always be there, and has been there all along.

“We need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.” ~ Shakti Gawain ~

An Intuitive Psychic?s Plea to Save the Planet

Pitt Meadows, BC (Vocus/PRWEB) March 15, 2011

We will understand our future only if we understand our past. In her new book, Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections, author Gayle Redfern teaches humility and preservation for Earth through the lessons of our ancestors from 15,000 years ago by merging the knowledge of the ancient civilizations with the technology of today.

?With all things and in all things we are relatives,? says Redfern. ?We take nothing we do not need, we waste nothing, we offer thanks for everything we do take.?

As an intuitive psychic, Redfern is extremely in touch with her spirit guides. A few years ago they encouraged her to re-examine her studies of the teachings and guidelines of indigenous cultures which led her to a universal ?philosophy of life? that applies to all humanity. The natives knew how to live and replace all the gifts they took from Earth. Redfern writes:

These spirit friends gently remind me that modern society forget these teachings, trying to create a blend that in their opinion excels the wisdom of ancient ancestors and the indigenous of their lands.

Ancient Wisdoms stresses the need to apply the ancient wisdoms of the indigenous people to daily life and find balance of mind, body and spirit. Today, many tend to look toward future, but looking to the past can also shed light on spiritual enlightenment. The author stresses that the Earth has taken care of us for thousands of years and it is now time for us to take care of the Earth.

What Midwest Book Review saying about Ancient Wisdoms in a five-star review:

Humanity in its most base form has not changed much in the tens of thousands of years in its existence. Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Mysteries and Connections looks at the ancient history of mankind and how it has led up to what we are today. Spiritual, profound with plenty of interesting topics in history discussed, Gayle Redfern does well in presenting a thought provoking read, making “Ancient Wisdoms” a read that should not be missed.

For more information, please visit

About the Author: Gayle Redfern has had a lifelong enthusiasm for all things spiritual. She has a bachelor?s in psychology and a master?s in holistic health. A talented intuitive psychic focusing on channeling, psychic readings and alternate health for over 30 years with inspiration from her spirit guides. Redfern has 15 years of experience as a motivational speaker and has been involved in Toastmasters International and was Toastmaster of year in 1986. Redfern is also the author of Inner Bridges, Ayurveda Demystified and Within & Beyond.

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Seven Ways To Keep A Highly Intuitive Child Healthy

All children are sensitive, but some kids are unusually sensitive, intuitive, and empathic. They can finish your sentence, sense danger before it happens, “catch” other people’s moods, and even tell you what’s wrong with the family pet. These highly intuitive children have a special gift–but their heightened abilities also come with special health challenges. Here are seven ways you can help your highly intuitive child stay healthy.

Help him trust his inner yes or no. Every unusually sensitive child has a body signal that tells him yes or no. Help him identify this feeling. Positive hunches may feel tickly, light, open, or happy, for example. A “no” intuition is sometimes described as sad, “off,” flat, or dark. A child who learns to recognize and trust his yes and no hunches can avoid danger, make good decisions, and detect the truth.

Feed her pure, whole foods she likes. Unusually sensitive children have highly sensitive bodies and are very “tuned in” to what their bodies need. As a result, they sometimes have strong reactions to food dyes and chemicals such as additives and preservatives. Also, they sometimes can’t bring themselves to eat meat. Be sensitive to your child’s food preferences and give her plenty of healthy foods she asks for.

Pay attention to overeating/undereating. Highly sensitive children sometimes eat for comfort, or won’t eat because of a stomachache, for example, that they have gotten from being around someone who was anxious or depressed. If you notice your child having eating problems, help her express her emotions and find healthy outlets for releasing stress so that it reduces the eating-related problems. When in doubt, be sure to check with a licensed health care provider.

Encourage exercise. Exercise is a vital part of staying healthy, especially for children who take on more than the average share of other people’s feelings. Walking, running, dancing–any activity that helps your child feel grounded and connected to the earth–are great ways to help your child shake off troubling experiences and emotions he’s picked up during the day.

Help him “turn off” and recharge overnight. Unusually sensitive children often have a hard time sleeping and turning off their sensors. Sometimes his enhanced traits translate into insomnia and nightmares. Give him a chance to express pent-up emotions before bed. Perform a calming ritual, such as a head massage. Get him to bed early, and establish a regular sleep routine.

Mind his “personal energy hygiene.” Intuitive empath children need to know how to clear out the feelings they might have taken on during the day so they don’t feel depleted by these feelings, or start to act them out. Just as you teach a child to wash his hands, you can teach him how to “squeeze out his energy sponge” at the end of the day. Some ideas: Hoot into a pillow with big, wild movements; shake it off with your arms; bang it into some clay; or scrub it off with a shower or bath.

Help her manage stress. Children who tune in to other people’s illnesses and moods often display symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, stomachaches, or distress. Have her ask, “Is this mine?” Teach her ways–through art, words, or movement, for example–to get other people’s emotions out of her body so she can replenish her own balance and quickly bounce back to normal.

Catherine Crawford, LMFT, ATR, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered art therapist specializing in the needs of intuitive empath children and adults. She is author of The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children (Hunter House, 2009). You can find out more about her at