Written By Jasmine

    My Path of Light began when I chose to leave the Lutheran church after I had taken the required classes to be Confirmed around 12 years old. For the most part, the only reason I participated was because my childhood best friend had to attend at the encouragement of her parents. It was also the same church in years past where I attended Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, however sporadically.

    After attending my first communion, I recognized a spark of light had appeared deep inside me and my instincts told me it was time to go my own way to discover where this light was going to lead me. Something told me I would not find it there. I did not speak of it to anyone, I just stopped.

    Fast forward to me at 30 years old. There were marital problems and I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I was searching for answers as to how I could proceed with my purpose in life. I was miserable, marriage wise, and I did not know how to deal with the shear contrast of joy that a child would bring to my life. Becoming a mother was the greatest achievement I had realized.

    At that time, my new adult best friend scooped me up and introduced me to new tools I could use to tap into the spiritual side of me. She recognized my deep turmoil without knowing the facts that contributed to it. All she knew was that I needed help. She shared her unconditional good heart and was there for me whenever I needed. As she lived next door, there were many late night get togethers. She is a true blessing I in my life and I cherish her friendship.

    She shared with me her astrology, tarot cards, intuitive spiritual guidance readers, inspirational books and more. Some refer to them as New Age activities. For me they became tools to begin moving forward on my path of light. I began to learn new things about myself as well as those I loved in my life. I learned where to put my faith, hope and how to “listen” for guidance.

    After decades of relying on those tools, I realized when it was time to set some aside and trust my intuition. Knowing belies belief…and I know I am where I belong.

    I wrote this poem to honor the Universal Light and Love that feeds the soul and propels me forward.

    Author: jasmine@majickalgarden.com


    Thich Naht Hanh:

    In the earlier days of my life on the path of light, I discovered Thich Nhat Hanh (pronounced Tik · N’yat · Hawn). His words were peaceful and calming. They made sense in my soul. And I was and remain grateful for them.

    Anxiety and Stress

    Fast forward to today. I have processed the feeling of loss in giving up the job and what I got from it…and what I felt I gave. The available shots have been ingested. Living the isolated life, by choice, has been a challenge…

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