How Can I Begin Meditation?

When I talk to most people about meditation the first thing they say is “My mind is so busy I can’t stop thinking!” This is very normal for all of us starting out. Thinking is a natural state. It is by no means a reason to not try meditation.

Written by Jasmine -Webmistress The Majickal Garden

Beginning Breathing Meditation

When I talk to most people about meditation the first thing they say is “My mind is so busy I can’t stop thinking!” This is very normal for all of us starting out. Thinking is a natural state. It is by no means a reason to not try meditation.  All it takes is 5 minutes and a desire to try it. If you find all you can handle when you start out is a few minutes; it is a beginning not a failure! It is a practice that the more you do it the easier it gets to understand how to control your thoughts and discover a place where you can visit when you choose to relax your body, rest your mind and feed your soul.

Understand there is no right or wrong and you can’t fail. Your desire to do this will carry you through the early stages along with some suggestions to help you find what works the best for you. For as long as I have been practicing there are times when a few minutes is all I can manage however I always feel better for the time I spent doing it! I will share with you what worked for me when I started.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for the 5 minutes. Anywhere really. I found my car a great option when I had a busy house full of active children when I first began.  I also popped into our camping trailer sometimes to find moments of peace before I was discovered.  Then I got smart and let them know that if mom was in this place, I was to be left alone unless someone was bleeding.  ; )

Sit comfortably, either in a chair or cross legged on the floor, back against an easy chair on the floor or lie down…whatever feels the most comfortable. If you can’t sit cross legged then find a position comfortable for you.  If sitting, sit up with spine straight, shoulders back and lowered naturally. If you are sitting rest your hands with palms upright comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes and begin by taking a few slow breaths inhaling/exhaling about 7 counts. Focus your mind on your breathing and be aware how your body feels as you do so. Become aware of the gentle rise and fall of your belly without altering your breathing. Notice the coolness on your nostrils as you inhale and warm as you exhale. Feel your body begin to relax.  After about 3 breaths in and out, allow you’re breathing to settle naturally. Don’t alter it – just observe it in awareness.

Thoughts will come to your mind. This is normal. Try not to respond to them as they do; as in engaging in a dialog in your head. Acknowledge the thought and try to let it pass. When I started out and a thought seemed important enough to distract me with concern I might forget it, I would keep a paper and pen beside me to jot it down briefly and let it go – returning to my meditative posture.  A suggestion for me that helped was when a nagging thought popped in my mind I would picture it as a curtain that I visualized being drawn gently to the right and let it go.   Observe without commenting with dialog in your mind and let it go. If you hear a noise as in a car passing, an airplane, or dog barking…do the same. Categorize your nagging thoughts. Can you do anything about it at that moment? No? Let them go.

Another thing that worked in the beginning, when my mind continued to wander, was as I observed my breathing I thought the words “in” and “out” with each breath. This helps focus as the mind cannot think two things at once. I noticed the more I practiced this, the calmer my mind got and as time passed I used this method less and less. Depending on my state of mind I revert back to my beginning methods to help me center myself in meditation state.

The goal here is to try for 5 minutes. If after a short time of willful intent and your mind continues to be active…give yourself a break and try another time. Know that this is your time to give your body and mind a much needed rest and refueling. There is no loss in your effort and continuing on a regular basis will only reward you with your own progress. At the very least you might notice your body has become more relaxed during these practices and this is the beginning!

Try meditating for a few minutes when you leave your job, sitting in your vehicle. Focus on leaving your workday behind, relaxing your mind. Breathe in and out slowly. Be fully aware in that moment that for those few minutes they are all yours. Allow it for yourself. You can take a few minutes as you have settled in your bed at night to practice this. Try it as soon as you awaken in the morning. This might sound odd but if you are seated on the toilet, take a few minutes for yourself to close your eyes and breathe in and out relaxation in clearing your mind! My point with that one is there is really no excuse to not find this time for you on a daily basis! With any practice where you find benefits, the continuation of practicing will become a healthy pleasant refueling need for your mind, body and spirit!

Needs and Wants on the Spiritual Path

universe gives needs

By Jasmine

Webmistress of The Majickal Garden


Many times we find ourselves asking the Universe for favors because there is a belief that we know what we need. There is a big difference between needs and wants. We need air, food and water for our bodies to survive. I would put a roof over my head along with power and a safe water source secondary on that list but the truth is that there are people, unfortunately, that are able to live without such luxuries. We need clothing for modesty cover, in our society, as well as protection from the elements however stylishness or amounts of said clothing is not a need.

If you happen to live in a city where public transportation is an option…there is no need for ownership of a vehicle. For the sake of convenience it would surely be a want. In that case, a dependable vehicle would suffice however a brand new shiny one, with the monthly payments to go along with it, would be a want. The later would cover those that live in the suburbs and beyond. Apply this to all the other conveniences we have become accustomed to is to understand we have become a spoiled society. Many times I have given thought to how our ancestors were able to function with so little as far as conveniences that we have come to take for granted.

The Universe does work in mysterious ways beyond the ability of our comprehension. My own “knowing’s” in understanding this is that a truly heartfelt genuine based request for a change in our lives normally does not happen overnight. In the case of wants and needs…it surely does not come without effort and sometimes great on our part.

If the Universe deems that an appeal for a change is to be answered then we need to take a close, very close look at our life as it is and what has brought us to that point where help is needed. Perhaps there are some bad habits that need to be altered or there might be some people in our lives that we need to say good-bye to. A change of employment might be required. Groundwork on our part needs to be done for spiritual growth. If this is not done the result might be that the Universe will send us a message in answer to our appeal and we might miss it altogether because we were not ready for it when or if it comes. I truly feel there are 3 answers; no, yes and not yet.

Understanding there are complexities of human/soul life on probably so many levels, I have come to look at what it must take for the Universe to answer any appeal for divine intervention. A positive answer, should it be deemed to be so, would need to be interwoven in to our lives with our responsibility for our own spiritual growth to be able to intersect at just the right time with our having the ability to recognize the form it is to be given in.

If we understand the concept that “all things happen for a reason” then it would stand to reason as well that we bear some responsibility or sometimes sacrifice for the betterment in the outcome in our lives. We are gifted with free will after all. We get what we need and what is required for our continued spiritual growth.

I believe we are here on this earth for a reason. Everyone has been given some sort of gift that if recognized and practiced can be excelled at and shared in some way. It’s taken me decades to understand that most times this manifests itself as a “passion”. It’s something that we are passionate about doing above a choice of anything else and the most content when we are doing it. When that is found and recognized we want to be the best at “it” that we can. The fortunate ones are able to make a living at it. Otherwise the responsibility lies in making it happen outside of our jobs or careers. We are so much more than going to bed at night and waking up to a routine that needs to be done in order to go to sleep again. I believe to find oneself in such a rut is to have a soul that is unrecognized and unfed. Regardless of ones beliefs; we all have a soul. Each one is connected by a collective energy that goes beyond this earth. How we choose to feed it (or not) and progress with our capabilities is up to us.

This is where Faith comes in. We can choose to be “alone” however we are all a part of this mystical sometimes confusing life as humans on this earth which all contain individual souls that are connected to the other side of the “veil” which makes us connected to one another. This is where my faith rests and I find so much comfort in. To walk a spiritual path with this understanding is to know we are never alone. As we ask for help in any direction for what we think we “need” in our sometimes darkest hours is to know that our efforts will be rewarded with guidance form our inner souls. Reaching out to others on the path is certainly part of the plan.

The Universe knows what we truly need to progress on our spiritual path. Sometimes in its infinite knowledge it is understood that in order to get what we might want…we are required to learn more about real true needs and attending to them first. Then at a later date we might attain what our souls were really asking for outside of our minds that are cluttered with ego, emotions and arrogance in believing we know what we really need.

For me, by calming the chatter of words in my head has allowed me to “hear” the answers of support in what I can do to progress on my spiritual path. Yoga and meditation has certainly been a brilliant tool for me to do this. By learning that I do not have to be ruled by emotions, the past, or fears of the uncertain future has left me with the ability to “hear” the answers for my progression from the Universe. The more I practice this…the calmer I feel in my faith that I am guided. On a day to day basis, I do the best I can and be the best I can be. I allow myself to melt into the mattress with the knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day for my best efforts and I am able to let go what I did not accomplish.  In my heart and soul I feel I am a student in the light of life on this earth. I am learning to forgive my imperfections and focus on what I can do.

Living and doing the groundwork to be the best you can be every day, inside and out – one day at a time is all that is required. If one day you need to ask the Universe for something special you might discover that sooner or maybe much later; as the Universe deems so…you might learn that what you wanted was exactly what you needed.

Find Time To Meditate

Written By Jasmine

Webmistress The Majickal Garden

yoga-meditation outline


 Meditate Regularly

At the mention of meditation some people might bring to mind a vision of monks spending the day in austere meditation in a trance like state. For most this is not the case to be able to reap the benefits of a regular practice. A few minutes a day is all that is required however the key is to try for a consistent routine and preferably at the same time of day.

Manage Your Time

Most people’s lives are a checkerboard of schedules, appointments and commitments. What can be helpful is to view it as a commitment to you for the health of your mind, body and soul. Your time spent in meditation is entirely for you alone and everyone deserves to look forward to at least a few minutes spent on you each day.

Making an effort to organize your time a bit more efficiently can benefit in other ways. By reducing pressures more time can be found towards leisure time. The result is finding yourself a bit more relaxed; this will help for concentration on meditation and a calmer you at the end of your time spent with it.

Saving Time

It does not have to be as difficult as it might sound. Begin with a list of all the things you do on a regular basis, including work and travel time, kids to school or scheduled activities, or you’re shopping day. Include your average bedtime and block time out for that.

Next, make a list of things you normally do but might miss out on sometimes. This could include gardening, filing paperwork, etc. Apportion enough time for these tasks. You may want to allow 2 to 3 hours at a certain time each week as they may vary as to what you might do in this time and not allow them to get out of hand. Take a look at both lists. You might be pleased to find you have more time than you might have thought.

Now, to see where the rest of your time is being spent. Perhaps more time is spent watching TV than you might have realized or doing things for others that they might do for themselves with little problem. If you find there is a blank spaces that you can’t justify it might help to keep a diary of your activities for a week. It could take longer for some things than was projected in your lists. This could help locate those openings and allow them to be closed up. In the process you will be allocating enough time for a particular chore ahead of time and will allow you to be more relaxed in your activity.

Make Priorities and Delegate

Now make a list of all the things you mean to get to but just have not found the time for like a phone call to a friend/relative, fixing a loose or squeaky hinge or the like. Include everything no matter how small. Next, prioritize by numbering each one in order of importance. Go back to your timetable and assign a period of time to deal with these tasks. Remember to check them off as you do them and add new things. (Renumber when necessary.)

Now it’s time to see where your meditation will fit in. If work is bogging you down then perhaps you could make a list for that as well and prioritize it.

If after this you find you’re still overloaded then it might be a good time to take pressure off of yourself and delegate to others! Ask for help and motivate others into action. Sometimes it is required to be firm, especially at first. Children can learn to feel pride in a job they have done well and contributed to the family in the process.

By changing old habits with refreshed ones you can stay on top of things easier and see how much time can be saved.

*Dealing with mail on a daily basis by disposing of junk at the time. If possible, answer letters on that day.

*Control the amount of time spent on the phone where a shorter conversation would work just as well.

*Limit TV watching by choosing your programs and turning the box off when it is over.

*Be aware of others unloading jobs on you that they could just as easily do themselves.

This is a great start for finding meditation time for you and fine tuning your days in general for a less stressful life. There are other things you could try but for now…it’s a good start for your plans to begin meditating and enjoying the benefits that a regular practice will bring.