Buddhism – “spiritual connection”?

Question by xxxx: Buddhism – “spiritual connection”?
Someone I know has spent the past month-6 weeks in a Buddhist monastery in India. She is now claiming that she has a “spiritual connection” with the Lama there and is thinking of becoming a nun. What does a “spiritual connection” signify in Buddhism?

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Answer by Peas Yo ~ Whirled Peas
Ask her to understand her definition of spiritual connection.

I practice a different school of Buddhist thought and to me a spiritual connection would signify something that is universal rather than specific to Buddhism. I have felt spiritually connected to many people from various systems of thought, not just Buddhism. She may be refering to a feeling of mentor/disciple but please don’t count on that ~ again ask her what she refers to with this term because you are trying to understand her, not me. 🙂

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How is it that some see “paganism” as a prominent aspect of Catholicism?

Question by Elizus: How is it that some see “paganism” as a prominent aspect of Catholicism?
It’s quite shocking to realize how many Christians see Catholicism as a paganist form of worship. The fact that there are so many revered saints and the principle of patronage being so integral in the denomination, not to mention the prominence of statues, leads some to believe it is a pagan form of worship.

But isn’t the Catholic (or Orthodox) essence of worship evidently different from paganist practices of ancient and modern times?

For instance, when the Jews made the bull statue and worshiped it while Moses was on the mountain, they were worshipping “a force of nature”, and not God, who brought them out of Egypt; whereas in praying before a statue of Jesus or Mary or any other saint, Catholic and Orthodox believers are not worshipping the statue, but the one that the statue represents (of course worship here goes to Jesus, and reverence to Mary and the saints); can one not see the obvious difference here?

Even the scriptural commandments do not apply to this case.

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Answer by Summer

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Wiccan Handfasting

Handfasting of Jennifer and Christopher at the Temple of Astral Light Ostara Celebration at Trinity Temple in Albany, NY on March 24, 2007.
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I don’t feel like writing one right now. But if ppl want it longer you have to message me.
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