what is the single word equivalent of “DHARMA” in any language of the world?

Question by abassvsp: what is the single word equivalent of “DHARMA” in any language of the world?
dharma means MORAL CODE OF CONDUCT, DUTY, MORAL BINDINGS, Etc;. But i need a single world containing all the meanings.

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Answer by fmt
Etiquette is the most appropriate word.

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Do you believe in “soul mates?” Just wanting thoughts and opinions?

Question by Guenhwyvar: Do you believe in “soul mates?” Just wanting thoughts and opinions?
What do you believe a soul mate is? I know, it’s a very general question, but I’m not looking for an exact answer.
And even if you don’t believe in soul mates, what is your opinion of them and why don’t you?
Is there any Biblical indication of soul mates?

Thanks for sharing, friends. 🙂

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Answer by Souldancer9
To me its just when your souls are universally connected, and you can just talk yo each other through just looking at into others eyes, no words, no nothing, just looking into each others eyes and knowing that person is for you.

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Hypnotherapy : Holistic Treatment for Severe Depression

Severe depression can be treated holistically with hypnotherapy and/or a therapist. Investigate holistic approaches to treat severe depression withadvice from a certified clinical hypnotherapist in this free video on holistic treatment. Expert: Jennifer Schaefer Bio: Jennifer Schaefer is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Filmmaker: Steve Geffner Series Description: To understand hypnotherapy and it’s benefits, be sure to perform extensive research. Utilize hypnotherapy with advice from a certified clinical hypnotherapist in this free video series on holistic medicine.
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A Weight-Loss Program for Witches?

(PRWEB) December 1, 2003

First it was Atkins, then that South Beach diet and now the latest Internet diet craze looks as though it is going to be a diet that is reputed to be thousands of years old. For the last couple a months Wiccandiet.com has been offering a 4 week weight-loss program that is rapidly gaining popularity and loyal followers. The online program consists of recipes, downloadable journal software, private membership in a online club, as well as spells, affirmations and visualization techniques. It;s a long way from Weight Watchers.

Carol Spencer one of the founders of WiccanDiet.com says that the diet is balanced, with a focus on healthy foods and exercise and even without the” Witchy” stuff easy to lose weight on. She claims the modern western diet is radically different from the one human beings spend millions of years evolving on. Most of the modern maladies, including obesity came about with the change in our diet. The Wiccan Diet has a similar philosophy as some of the popular low-carb diets or the so called cavemen diets. But Carol claims what really makes the Wiccan Diet so unique and powerful are the spells and visualization techniques. A rapidly growing number of converts are starting to agree with her

In today’s worlds of rampant obesity and related diseases maybe its not so crazy. Maybe its time to forget the conflicting theories. Maybe its time to ignore the debating Doctors and Nutritionists, maybe its time to throw away the supplements that don’t work, and light a candle under the moon. Maybe the people at WiccanDiet.com have the right idea.

Or we could all wait for the UFO diet.



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What’s the difference between a Pagan and a Heathen?

Question by S Class: What’s the difference between a Pagan and a Heathen?
I thought that Pagans were worshipers of rocks and trees and stuff. Heathens I thought were defined as those who are “godless”. Can someone help me out here? It seems the two simply fall under “Spiritualism” and are not defined any further.

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Answer by Frau Hunter JPA
pagans don’t worship rocks and trees – ask your ancestors. They have deities and very refined religions. Paganism is an umbrella term for religions that aren’t Abrahamic (Christian/Jewish/Muslim).

heathen with a small “h” means uncivilized, godless and barbaric (Christian definition)

Heathen with a capital “H” means someone that is part of the reconstruction pagan religion of Northern Europe/Anglo-Saxon England. Also known as Asatru, Vor Tru, Theodism, Odinism, etc.

perhaps a Wiki search on paganism will help with the education.

Pagans and Heathens are very serious about our religions.

There are Hindus, Kemetics, Celtic Reconstructionists, Roman, Greek/Hellenism, Druidic, Slavic, Baltic, Icelandic, Finnish, Native American, Japanese, etc.

The religions are VERY defined. Spiritualism usually means something a little more eclectic and New Age.

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Landmark Gay Novelist Publishes First Nonfiction Book: Patricia Nell Warren?s Lavender Locker Room Out In November

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (PRWEB) October 18, 2006

Internationally celebrated novelist, Patricia Nell Warren, is publishing her first nonfiction book titled “The Lavender Locker Room, 3,000 Years of Great Athletes Whose Sexual Orientation Was Different,” scheduled for release through Wildcat Press in November.

Warren?s previous works, including “The Front Runner,” “Harlan?s Race,” “Billy?s Boy,” “The Wild Man,” and “One Is The Sun,” represent a distinguished literary career of four decades and are considered essential inventory by booksellers who carry gay fiction.

Warren?s latest offering is an anthology of historical essays previously featured on OutSports.com which chronicle the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes over the past three millennia. Among the noteworthy sports figures featured in The Lavender Locker Room are golfer Babe Didrikson, boxer Wilhelm von Homburg, pilot Amelia Earhart, downhill skier Erik Schinegger, jockey John Damien, and 13th century jouster Jeanne la Pucelle, better known as Joan of Arc.

?These authentic, in-depth profiles span many countries and run the sexuality gamut,? says Ms. Warren, ?focusing both on the compelling personal stories of these remarkable athletes and on their lasting contributions to sport itself.?

“The Lavender Locker Room” is also Warren?s first anthology and features athletes from the Trojan War in 1000 B.C. to just after the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, representing a myriad of sports including alpine skiing, ballooning, baseball, boxing, dressage, fencing, football, horse racing, tennis, swimming, and sport aviation.

?My point in telling these stories is that the presence of athletes with different sexualities in sport is not something that started when football player David Kopay came out in 1975. It has been going on for many centuries,? Warren declares.

Warren, who has written eight novels and two books of poetry, has attracted an estimated twenty million readers worldwide with subjects which range from gay life to Native American spirituality. However, The Lavender Locker Room is Warren?s first book of nonfiction and is scheduled to arrive in bookstores nationwide by November 1s. According to Warren, launch events are in now preparation for both east and west coasts.

Warren?s most celebrated work, “The Front Runner,” about the relationship between an ex-Marine track coach and his male athlete, was the first contemporary novel with openly gay characters to make the New York Times Bestseller List, has sold an estimated ten million copies in ten languages.

According to a public pole taken by the Publishing Triangle, Warren’s “Front Runner” is considered by many to be the most influential gay novel of the 20th century.

Online information on “The Lavender Locker Room” or other books by Patricia Nell Warren is available at http://www.wildcatpress.com

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