“The Power Of Now” By Eckhart Tolle: A Review

Eckhart Tolle, Me and Soul

Article by Jasmine (Webmistress Majickal Garden)

The Power Of NowBy Eckhart Tolle: A Review

I first heard of Eckhart Tolle around the time Oprah was promoting him on her show. I was not a regular viewer of her program but heard about it in the media. My best friend called me up one day to suggest I might look into it myself. I appreciated my friends’ enthusiasm; however, chose to bypass it myself with no interest due to all the hype Oprah was generating which was a commercially laced turn off for me.

I have been traveling my own spiritual path for some decades now and have been exposed to many books, tapes and programs along with many teachers. I’ve always seemed to be seeking the next one that will provide a valid source for me to get into and “work”. All have left some sort of positive residual that has contributed to my spiritual growth.

Five months ago, one of Eckhart Tolle’s books “jumped” off the library shelf into my hand. It was called “The Power of Now”. I had to smile in realizing this was the author I had passed on the year before and decided to take the Universe’s suggestion that I might take a look now! Normally, I find a book of interest and move thru it with enthusiasm as quick as I can. I take what feels right then leave the rest behind before moving on to something else. His book was different than any I have ever read before. After a few pages, I felt a subtle familiar comforting change deep inside me. The realization that I have been aware of this feeling many times before was profound in his explanation that I could “go” there anytime I choose. I felt I was at the right place at the right time.

I read it slowly and savored every word because I felt as if he understood what my soul was craving in my search for “enlightenment”. To be honest, what he speaks of is not all new to me. Some of what I have carried inside me as a part of my “knowing” was already there. He has helped supply the “how to carry on and progress with it” part in a way I can get my head around. There are many quotes from different sources to help in presentation of what he is talking about. Some authors he quotes are on my have read list. It’s very simple and subtle. So simple that some might find it difficult to grasp or as one New York reviewer stated, “A bunch of New Age mumbo jumbo”. Also, like anything new to us, one needs to be ready for it on their own journey.

All that is required is right inside us right now. It’s not something to look forward to in the future. There is no heavy writing or any need to delve deep into the past before success might hopefully be attained, as many other sources imply. It’s basically about recognizing that the mind, ego and emotions are all a part of this earthly body. That is not who we truly are. Who we are in “spirit” or our higher selves is the essence of our true Being. He is really just pointing in the right direction of how to spend more of our lives in that place and at the same time continue a productive life free of the emotional burdens that hold us back. That is a very quick simplified definition to be sure because so much that comes from Spirit loses its true meaning in translation when put into spoken or written. Like I mentioned before, not all new to me, however, the way he speaks was.

I finished his first book, and then continued on with the next one. I am just now finishing re-reading the first one and it’s just as fresh as the first time I read it. There is a permanent place for it on my bedside table. The freedom I have experienced from heavy emotional baggage I have been packing around for so long has been dramatic. I am becoming more enthusiastic about discovering my purpose here and the energy to become more productive in the things I want to achieve in pursuing my interests. My constant search for “the next thing” has subsided. I know the answers I seek are already inside me. My mind is not closed to other ideas but I have a universal tool that has taken away the infinite search for something that will work for me. It’s not an overnight thing by any means. But how quickly one will grasp his concepts in application to the inside is dependent on where they are on the path and how open minded to allow the change to happen. I felt just enough “knowing” deep inside me to know I wanted to continue on with his words and wisdom.

One last note, I have a tendency to take the easy way on most anything, as well as lose interest quickly. To my delight, this has not been the case. I am able to incorporate his direction into my everyday life with mindful willful understanding that this moment right here, right now, (not the past or the future,) is all I have a hold of to do anything about. I have come to the point of being able to “switch off” my mind and allow my Being to come forward with silent peace, true love and better understanding of what is really happening in front of me more often. I am practicing reacting to the “silence” instead of emotion and ego.

The future starts with what I do with this moment. I can begin to change my future by action on my part right now. A situation in front of me now can be altered by speaking up or doing. And if there is nothing I can do to change it then I can accept it and move forward leaving guilt and the “could-a, should-a, would-a” behind, in the past. With my own efforts as well as the resulting guidance I am receiving from within, and with continued practice, I am experiencing true joy and optimism in living my life forward.

The Garden Bookshelf – Introduction



 A Passion For Reading Is Born

Written by Jasmine

From the first time I visited the library in grade school and discovered the vast array of books neatly standing on so many shelves…a passion was born. I found delight in all that was available at my fingertips and the choice was all mine! My hunger for knowledge as well as learning the delightful escape offered in a well written story became a welcome refuge. It has never left me. I was a pretty good kid as far as the need for discipline went, however, the few times I found myself being put on restriction, I would present a proper head hanging with response to the level of shame required but on the inside I was smiling. It meant I could go directly to my bedroom and bury my face in whatever current book I was reading! “Doing time” was never a loss for me. Of course, I failed to share that bit with my parents until I was well past that age. : )

To go to a library or book store and get lost in the shelves, then see what treasures I might walk away with is one of life’s pleasures.  The arrival of computers in my life offered a brand new source of knowledge and I remember, years ago, how excited I was at the prospect of having so much available to me. The library lived in my home 24/7! I have read whole books online but the satisfaction found in physically holding and reading from cover to cover is something I have not lost.

The Garden Bookshelf is where I can share some of my reviews of special books that have made some sort of difference in my life.

Meet The Gardens Webmistress

You can be in love…madly, passionately,
and wondrously in love…with God, in
love with Goddess, and in love with All That Is.

In love and touching greatness, your love
transcendent, can change you; it can heal
you. As well, your love can heal and
change your world in ways you’ve
not yet imagined. Lazaris

I am a middle age woman, mother, wife, sister, and friend with the feeling in my heart that I am still decades younger in my mind. Of course my body speaks loudly that I am so otherwise, whenever I venture to far. Reality and responsibility require I keep my feet on the ground.  In my family lineage, I am the oldest left behind. My beloved family mentors have all passed over to the other side of the veil, where they continue to support me with their love and energy. In observing and participating in my children’s growth and watching them maneuver down their own paths as adults, I continually learn more about myself as well as my role as a mother. Allowing them to make their own choices is one of the greatest challenges and to know when to stop short in aiding them as opposed to hindering their progress on their own life paths. They are truly my greatest blessings.

When I was an impressionable young teenager I participated in the Lutheran church I had attended, off and on as a child, in their study program to become confirmed into the church. After attending a series of weekly studies and lessons, I would become a member of the church and be allowed to receive communion. My reason to do so was shallow, in that my best friend was required to do it via her parents and I did not want to be left out. My own parents were supportive in my choice. What I discovered inside myself, in a very base unconscious way, was that there was a light inside me that seemed to glow brighter and warmer at the end of my commitment and studies. I attended communion twice, and walked away with the feeling in my heart that this experience had been good for me. However, whatever I was going to learn and discover in feeding the new yearning in my soul would come by following my instincts to leave the church.

I started out over 30 years ago, consciously, on this spiritual quest. All I had was this strong desire urging me on, to where I did not know. In that time, the conditions of my path has run a wide gamut. There have been moments of complete and utterly beautiful, mystical happenings. Comparatively, there have also been times with nothing short of chaos and life changing transitions. My path has taken me to living in 3 different regions of the U.S. as well as a year spent in Great Britain; where overall my life’s education has been greatly broadened in my perspective of life.  Sometimes my personal choices have been such that they took me the long way thru grueling stages; other times they led to less laborious travels to attain the sought after outcome. By discovering the attachment to my Higher Power thru my soul and realizing such an intense source of love and guidance I have found myself anchored in a warm bed of comfort knowing that it is eternal and unconditional. With my knowing that such a power is within my reach 24/7 I can weather anything that comes my way.

The Universe has and continues to provide answers, sometimes magical, to my sincere questions and requests. Numerous times answers have come later than sooner but as I have discovered, not before and only when I was ready to hear them. My earthly teachers have and continue to be many, often from surprising sources. Wonderful gems can be discovered in the briefest of encounters as well as the lifelong people that grace our lives, as long as we are open and willing to hear them. I will forever remain a student! To stop learning is to stop growing. Success lies not in attaining the destination but rising to the challenge of the journey.

The Majickal Garden was created for those beginning their own search. It’s a place to sample the seeds of germination…and decide if it feels right for them as well as for those who have been consciously working their own enlightenment. Its goal is not to turn anyone to one way of thinking but to possibly provide a starting point in the individual self discovery of the soul. It’s also a platform for anyone with a desire to share some of what they might feel blessed to have received, in the form of written expression.

It has been said that regardless of how long a meeting lasts with those that cross our paths, we are never the same person as when we first met. If we live life consciously in the moment we will realize in giving we are receiving. We hope you find a few gems of your own in your visit to our website.

Peace and Light


Webmistress Majickal Garden.com

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The Goddess Inside

"Angel of Capricorn"

Jonathon Earl Bowser – Canadian fantasy artist

Written by Jasmine

(Webmistress The Majickal Garden)

Art has helped to give me a different perspective on women and the *goddess* soul housed inside with respect to the physical body. We come in so many different shapes and sizes. Rivaled by all the variations of personalities, perceptions and ideas the human is capable of producing. Women are depicted in most all genres of advertising, art and other mediums, in the *preferred* wafer thin beauty that a large percentage of the female population could only dream about attaining. I found myself becoming rather indignant at seeing the use of the female body in such a narrow minded view, sending the message that sensuality, sexuality and only a perfect body makes the package complete.

I discovered the artwork of Boris Vallejo (born in 1941 – a Peruvian-born American fantasy artist) and Jonathon Bowser (born in 1962 – A Canadian fantasy artist). Both are well known in the world of Sci- Fi and fantasy art. Their centerpiece of many pieces is the *perfect* body I mentioned earlier. Their work is truly beautiful. In one of those rare moments of deep thought that carry you away from time to time…I realized the spectrum of social thinking about this issue. Society deems the accepted view of what a beautiful woman looks like. It then (society) holds a huge, badly lighted mirror up to the naked, self-conscious woman and thumbs its nose rudely.

Jonathon Earl Bowser – Canadian fantasy artist

Now, as I enjoyed browsing thru these artists’ efforts, appreciating the vivid colors, scenes and yes, I had to admit that the women in these fantasy scenes were beautiful. And ok…yes, I have to admit there was to my surprise a tinge of jealousy creeping up from the dark depths of me. I figure this has to be an effect from having it subliminally implanted in my mind that I am inferior because I don’t fit the perfect mold; or vanity rearing its head in spite of my keeping an eye on the old self-esteem.

The sort of magical, sensual attitude of such artistic work is tapping into the feelings that humans naturally respond with when the senses are stimulated, and then painting the imprint onto a canvas. If this was the case then it would stand to reason magical sensuality lies inside of us all. For many of us, it’s like an overlooked, overgrown garden in need of someone to care enough to tend to it.

The beauty I saw of the women contained a very apparent strength; evoking power and confidence. The artists brought this out from behind the canvas by mixing beauty and nature with an appealing pallet. Just as in real life. Have you ever seen the beauty come from inside someone? At first glance nothing stands out until you’re face to face and connecting. Then with a simple genuine smile the soul’s warm glow can appear and smooth out the wrinkles of age.

I felt the beauty of the artists depictions stir up the warm embers of female pride. There was a feeling of connection evoking the image of the mythological creatures that exuded strength and conviction in their passions…be they dark or light. We as women could be domesticated goddesses in the way of the power we have inside us to evolve and become the person our soul longs to be. Self-accepting confidence in truly accepting the body as the personal vessel, choose to stay up on the upkeep of it…or not…and enjoy life by merging your respect to self-image and then allow your soul to shine.

It’s with a different eye I now look at the presentation of women in art. There is a healthier respect towards the gifts that have been received and what can be done with them. Allow the warm loving guidance of the soul. Beauty is in the lucky eye of the observant beholder and acknowledging it begins well below the surface of the skin.

Jonathon Earl Bowser – Candadian fantasy artist


Love enables you to put your deepest feelings and fears in the palm of your partner’s hand, knowing they will be handled with care.
–Carl S. Avery

Francesco Hayez – Italian Painter

 Written by Jasmine

(Webmistress The Majickal Garden)

Soul mates. It seems it has almost become a buzzword for those actively seeking love in their lives. Many find themselves convinced immediately upon meeting someone, or a short time after, this one *is the one.* Only to have the budding relationship turn out to be the wrong one and they decide they really were not a soul mate after all.

The ease of meeting people on the computer has made this idea even more apparent. The boldest in my mind is dating services offering to pair you up with your own soul mate! Those, in search, brave the two dimensional realm of the internet in the hopes they will discover someone that is just the right one for them. It’s certainly a real possibility, however, the time spent wading thru what and who someone really is and if the chemistry is right, never mind if they are a true soul mate, is mind boggling.

Is there really someone for everyone? How will I know for sure? These are common questions. Lust, passion, physical attraction, love, shared interests; does not make someone a soul mate. Of course these are ingredients in part needed for a good relationship but it’s not a guarantee the presence of them alone makes it so. Neither does the hope that someone is, does not make it so.

I do believe there is a soul mate for everyone. There is more than one. I also believe if someone has not progressed along their path in seeking enlightenment and growth for themselves, the window of opportunity for meeting could be missed. Put simply, someone could meet their soul mate and might not be evolved enough for it to be the right time or for it to work out. I have faith if it’s truly a soul mate situation and both are mutually patient as well as spiritually and emotionally healthy, another chance could come around again in this lifetime if not the next.

What is a soul mate? I understand there is much written on the subject. I have read a fair amount myself. It’s not a science but a spiritual thing. As with any subject in the metaphysical nature…I absorb what is being explained to me and filter it thru my inner self and listen to the guidance from the light to understand with my *knowing.*A soul mate is one we have contracted with before our souls entered our earthly body. The outline worked out and left for us to find our own way there, using tools for growth and lessons learned in order to prepare us for meeting at a particular point in our life. Something that needs to be accomplished together in this lifetime but did not find an end in a past life. A mutual agreement to come back and give it another go.

The past relationship could have been in another form. It could have been a mother/daughter, friends, brother/sister, etc. The plan to come together in a romantic situation this time around could be beneficial to evolving in this lifetime.

As our futures are not cast in stone, because we have free will of choice, things can change  because of options chosen to alter the outline we came to this life with and agreed to with our *soul mate*.

The tricky part of a general plan mapped out before arriving in this life is the free will part. Let me use the example of a need for a new pair of shoes. Your decision to work it into your day comes from the experience you have learned to work a schedule. What you may or may not have learned will decide how hectic this will be to accomplish this. You need tools to take you there. Some sort of transportation and a route to arrive at your chosen destination. An idea of what it is you are looking for based on how well you have learned your own needs and desires. There are many things in this scenario that can affect the outcome.

Time can be altered by some unforeseen obstacles. Your route can be changed by a mere quick decision to go left instead of right. Your arriving at a chosen destination based on how dependable your choice of transportation (a tool) turned out to be in the end.

Should you finally arrive comfortably inside the scheduled time, there is the challenge of actually finding what it is you set out to get..let’s not even get into the difficulty we can get into shopping for something particular we have in mind! Victory is surely possible..But it could not be done without a pile of lifelong learning to make it come true. Yes…this is a very simplistic way of explaining what I am trying to convey. Utilizing free will, your own choice of spiritual growth and the *tools* you might choose to accomplish this is a life altering choice in many ways.

If the Soul were pictured in the mind as a garden with the understanding that it needs nourishment to flourish then the desire to tend it would naturally include adding the life giving additives of sun, water and fertilizer in order to make it happen. By adding meditation, prayer, reading from spiritually enhancing material, and discovering ways to become the best one can be and living it, there is an acknowledgement to the higher powers of true intention. That would be the time to ask for the desire to find your soul mate.

Spiritual health and growth is a life time process that can begin anytime you choose. The soul vibration becomes stronger with reaching out to the universe for guidance and help. In spiritual enlightenment…this means making it easier for your soul mate to find you, as their soul reaches out for the other.

So..how does one know if they are looking into the eyes of a soul mate? If one believes the eyes are the window to the soul, it might be a starting point. It’s looking beyond the pretty baby blues or the bewitching browns to see deep inside. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. On that level there should be a feeling of recognition. There is a knowing of comfort and rightness that you belong there and it’s mutually shared. Sure, you might have the giddy, heady romantic feelings going on inside but what I am referring to is a *soul recognition.* As important as sex can be in a relationship, in a soul mate relationship it is not the most important thing. A couple can have a fantastic time in the bedroom but that does not make them soul mates.

I believe the best relationships have a strong friend ship at its base. Who would not want to call their mate their best friend? A soul mate will see the best in you and encourage its development unencumbered by indifference at your successes. They support your interests even if it’s not their cup of tea. With a mutual base like this and the kind of love that is given freely and unconditional, it will naturally need to be returned in kind. A sense that you want to be together that progresses and deepens with time. Not a need to be together. There is a big difference. Love in its purest form. It’s a kind of love that is not jealous or unkind.

Soul Mate relationships need not be perfect taking into consideration the Mars and Venus theory on men and woman! In fact, it could be quite challenging. But if 2 people are seeking enlightenment and growth together, the rough spots found on the path can be tackled together. It’s about fulfilling a spiritual agreement as a couple.

In doing the things suggested for yourself, you are realizing your spiritual path of enlightenment and growth. Your letting the universe know that you are ready for what they might have in store for you. At the very least, you will be bettering and discovering wonderful things about yourself and the universe that you never thought possible.

At best..one day when you least expect it, you might find yourself staring into the eyes of your soul mate…and you will be ready.

We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.
–John Lennon

When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness – and call it love – true love
–Robert Fulghum

Sir Frank Dicksee – British Artist
Romeo and Juliet


You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
–Sam Keen