My loved one has left me with the impression that on occasion I might be a minor hypochondriac.  This has been done with a particular “look” with  a flavor of thoughtful doubt and sympathetic dismissal, in silence. Of course, that is after I have presented a “brief” thesis of symptoms , research findings and summation of possibilities!

    It got me to wondering why he would come to this conclusion when I am clearly focused on my subject matter. I think foremost on his mind is that he does not want anything to be wrong with me. If he dismisses my health concerns in the moment as being perhaps overly paranoid then I will be alright. I get that. I don’t want that any more than he does honestly! For me it’s more of reading my body and assessing what is going on, why and if I need to take any action, i.e. research, natural medicine sources or a doctor visit.

    I took a look at the women in my life and how they are tuned into their bodies. We share information about what we have found to work for this and that; being tuned into the natural side of healing and boosting our health or discovering answers. Then I thought about the men around me and the differences became more apparent to me.

    Around this time I came across an article about the differences between men and women regarding their health. It prompted me to dig a bit deeper. According to many sources that learned through research that there are differences between the sexes when it comes to health and seeking medical care.

    Men who hold traditional views on masculinity are less likely to get consistent health care. There appears to be a connection between believing that men should be strong and self-reliant (and slow to show emotion) and resisting routine exams.

    Fear of diagnosis is another concern for men. Although I might add here that it’s a serious concern of mine as well. It might hold me back from quickly seeking medical help but not finding out what the problem might be. Unfortunately, waiting on symptoms to become acutely painful or otherwise unavoidable is not a good health plan.

    Another concern that holds men back is fear of certain personal invasive tests.  It is reported this issue could also be tied into the idea of traditional masculinity views as well. Some intimate exams make us all feel vulnerable. What I can tell you is by the time a woman has birthed a baby, whatever modesty she entered the pregnancy with will pretty much be shattered by the time that happens!

    According to the World Health Organization: “Women generally live longer than males – – on average by six to eight years. This difference is partly due to an inherent biological advantage for the female, but it also reflects behavioral differences between men and women.” 

    O.K. This is what I think after reading the research results and mulling this subject over.  It’s not that men don’t care as much as women are conditioned by nature to do so.

    Both sexes go thru puberty. At that time we didn’t question the changes going on in our body as basically worried how the heck we were going to make it thru it!

    Girls start their monthly cycles which will continue on into menopause. Believe me, it’s a big deal to wrap our young heads around the fact that we will have to deal with this monthly thing “forever”! We learned to read our bodies/emotions and be aware of any changes from “normal”.  The week before our bodies are getting ready to shed and “normal” is knowing this as we might begin to become uncomfortable. Then the week of…well…it’s not pleasant and varying degrees of individual discomfort, pain and throw in wonky emotions for fun.

    Pregnancy is a true physical, life altering state of being. From the very first symptoms with the discovery of new life all the way to the other side of nursing, our bodies change so much physically, emotionally and mentally. We are caring for another life and are required to keep as healthy as possible. Every change in the body is noted and evaluated. The odd (and some majickal wonderful) sensations, twinges as wells as pains accompany a broadly changing body that at times feels almost alien.

    Then baby arrives and we are constantly monitoring their many needs. There is an instinctive awareness of using our bodies sensitivity to the temperature of the babies’ environment to gauge what they might need for adjustments in it.  We are also aware of how tired and run down we are as we heal up and take care of everyone; as our bodies return to a new “normal”. In general, perhaps, it might stem from having a maternal instinct.

    The summation of most of my reading seems its best to look after our manly men and with love, compassion and care to make sure they are looking after their health well.

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