The Call
    By David Spangler (1996)

    “The call is already a part of your life. All you have to do is listen.”

    I found this book in paperback form, in the library, during one of my quests for enlightenment in the written word. When on these “quests”, I enter with an understanding with my guides that I am open for suggestion and shall do my best to open my mind and watch what “jumps” off the shelves at me. This was a result of one of those times. A delightfully easy read packed with applicable soul nourishing, validating information. Its one of those books I went out to buy for my own library shelf as reading it over again will reap understanding in a different light each time.

    Its intentions are for anyone that has ever felt the stirrings of a particular calling deep inside or for those firmly on the path following their own calling. To be so blessed as to experience this is not an easy task nor is it without some sort of life changing sacrifice to enable the follow thru to where one is destined to end up.

    Book Introduction in part:

    The holy call is a revelation, an inner prompting, a vision, causing an individual to turn from a personal, self-centered, and superficially expressed life to that of a servant of the divine.

    The numinosity of such a transcendent call is often of such a magnitude that the individual experiences a rupture of his or her life. He or she is cast into a vaster consciousness, and often acts with the sense of extreme vulnerability and wounding brought on by the leaving behind of-everything that had previously held primary value in the individual’s personal life. The members of the family, circle of friends, professional colleagues, and organizations threatened by such a disruption may exert extreme pressure to reform the called one. And, failing, that to ignore or, worse yet, to cast out the “misguided” individual.

    For anyone to receive, acknowledge and accept such a calling is a testament to ones conscious dedication in living life in the light of life and in doing so expresses desire to truly evolve as a soul in lesson in human form.

    This book will aid anyone traveling this path with willful intentions and each individual will read it with an understanding unique to who they are in spirit and with respect to where their evolvement lies.

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