I really like this sleep meditation (below) and have been using it often.

    Insomnia likes to visit my bed at its own discretion and timing! So I have found guided imagery with music most helpful during those times.

    The male voice is soothing and soft with a pleasant accent. It’s counter productive when all you can think about is how irritating the voice is to your ears! It is one hour long and most nights I don’t get past the first half where I am already drifting in my dreams among the stars.

    I spend the first few minutes or so lying on my back…mind clear…and allow my body to sink into the mattress. As I do this I allow each inhale of breathe to settle into each section of my body and feel it relax…starting with my feet and work upward with each slow relaxed inhale.

    Not thinking any words but only observing, as I begin to let go of
    tension in each body part. With one last long slow exhale I can feel a slight tingle starting on the top of my head… traveling down my arms to my fingers and ending in my toes.

    Then I turn over and allow myself to be guided to sleep!

    (Commentary written by Jasmine@majickalgarden.com)


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