By Rosanna Gordon

    Who says you need to leave your bedroom to practice yoga? Some days you just really don’t want to. You prefer to stay in, rest up and take things slow.

    And that’s OK! It’s lovely not to feel the pressure of having to go anywhere, to skip the noise and kerfuffle of the great wide world and take some indulgent, yet perfectly acceptable ‘you time.’ Today, you can keep your PJ’s on and soak up the warmth and cosiness of your bed with a few simple poses. Sound good?

    Make sure to clear the space, smooth out your duvet and just have a couple of low pillows for your head. Pop a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door if you can, and enjoy.

    1. Apanasana

    Begin by lying back. Head can be gently propped up on a pillow. Interlock your fingers over the right knee and hug in towards the chest. Extend the left leg along the bed. On every exhale, draw the knee in a little closer, keeping both sit bones in connection with the bed and breathing into the openness in the hip. Hold for a few deep breaths, before releasing and changing to the other side.

    2. Lying Spinal Twist

    Bring both knees in towards the chest. Inner thighs and big toe joints touching. Take your arms out to shoulder height, palms faced up. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale release the knees to the right, looking over towards your left hand. Keep the back of the shoulders on the bed, and breathe into the space across the chest. Hold for a few deep breaths, enjoying the twist in the spine and gentle stretch at the side of the neck. Inhale, knees back to centre, exhale over to the left. Repeat twice more to either side, moving with your breath.

    3. Neck Stretch

    Place both feet beneath your knees, at hip width apart. Have the arms long by your sides. Inhale, looking up towards the ceiling, and as you exhale turn your head placing the right cheek on your pillow. Hold here for a couple of breaths, allowing the neck muscles to release, shoulders down away from the ears. Inhale, bring the head back to centre, exhale in the other direction. Repeat once more to either side.

    4. Legs up the wall

    Turn your body, sideways to the wall. Then carefully swing your body round, so your feet are resting on the wall, parallel to your knees, which are above the hips. Place your head on a pillow, and have the arms long by your sides. Begin to walk your feet up the wall as straight and as comfortably as possible. Take a few deep breaths here, breathing into the space at your heart and feeling the weight being taken off your feet. You can take the arms out to shoulder height or to the bed behind to really open up the upper body and shoulders. To come out, bring the knees in towards the chest and roll onto your side.

    5. Savasana

    Lie back, head supported by your pillow. Bring your shoulders down away from the ears and tuck the chin in towards the chest. Straighten up through the body, lengthening your tailbone towards the heals. Take your arms and legs a little distance apart and relax the hands and feet. Close the eyes if comfortable, and begin to notice how you’re feeling. On every exhale, allow your body to sink a little deeper into your bed, feeling the warmth and comfort of your trusted space. Allow softness to spread across the face, and for you to fully embrace the peace and quiet.

    Practise this sequence a couple of times each week, or whenever you feel like an indoors or bed day. Notice how you feel afterwards in body and mind.


    About Rosanna Gordon

    Rosanna Gordon, a qualified British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Teacher and Freelance Writer helps people to get out of depression through yoga. She runs Group and One-to-One Yoga classes in Cambridge, UK. For info and class details, visit



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