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    Living Life With “Invisible” Bugs

    Happy Summer! I am renewed with the soothing warmth of the sun, scents of freshly mowed lawns, fragrant fresh blossoms, neighborhood bbq’s and long days of lingering light. I do so enjoy puttering about in my garden however I lack confidence to my ability in this department. My vow to try my hand at starting my own seeds was finally fulfilled after years of intending to do so. I started them in the garage at the end of March and with careful tending diligence willed and urged them to grow strong for me. Of course I “talked” to them because Grandma told me they liked that kind of thing! They were systematically rotated to the covered patio when I deemed them ready.  Most have been potted or planted and so far look pretty healthy to me. I can’t wait for the impending blossoms to appear. My procrastination of intent has been replaced this year by the feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment in watching my creations evolve.

    On my mind this season is current headlines of what is good and bad for us with regards to our health and well-being from the scientific community. Germs are a big subject. They tell me they lurk on the bottom of my purse, in my showerhead; teem nastily all over the handles of grocery carts and door knobs/handles, the screens of hand held technology and inside the cloth bags where I am endeavoring to contribute to the demise of plastic bags in our landfills. From one who has always had issues with germs anyway these new sources of concern riddle me with renewed angst along with efforts to eradicate these invisible bugs. I do remember teaching my young children how to enter and leave a public bathroom without ever touching a surface with their little fingers. More than once I gave heartfelt thanks for my children never coming home with the (for me feared) dreaded head bugs regardless of the notices that would follow them home warning of an outbreak in a classroom.

    Don’t even get me started on what’s in the air. How long can one hold their breath while passing through an area at the grocery store where someone has just begun a disturbing coughing fit or a congested sneeze? Hopefully long enough to quickly get to an air “safety zone” without looking like a mad woman roadrunner gripping a flying cart. And yes I have seen the programs that tell us how far sneeze droplets can travel!

    I come from an era where there were no seatbelts. The grocery stores did not offer sanitizing wipes before we touched a cart. Alcohol gels were unheard of.  The hot dogs we devoured roasted over a campfire littered with lovely glowing embers did not elicit a conversation about what the heck is in them anyway!  There was no concern that the children were not getting enough exercise because we only had a few stations on the television and most of our time was spent outdoors doing activities that were done in a neighborhood with our peers. At dinnertime, the shouts for their children to return to the nest could be heard resonating up and down the street.

    The luxury of a stay in a hotel room was not drenched with worry that it might contain the nightmare of bedbugs that would chew on you during the night and be transported to the safe haven of home.  Not to mention the germs left behind from the more recent inhabitants and not cleaned properly by a corner cutting cleaning staff. And they do have those glowing special lights to show us exactly where they are. An exciting trip in an airplane did not have us worried about what kind of airborne bugs were being circulated in the recycled air system or what our hands were picking up from the seat pocket or food tray. My defense amongst the conditions of our upbringing is “we came out of it pretty well.”

    I am by no means saying all these things and much more should not be a concern to us. I know it is! Times have changed for sure. However, my already germ phobia has grown stronger. I have seen the need to set some limits for myself as far as being realistic and still functioning in the public world.  Recently at a nice restaurant being treated by my husband; he silently watched me carefully and awkwardly wrap my napkin around the salt and pepper shakers.  I watched myself in the realization I was going too far on top of the other things I have observed in steps to avoid touching things. Like using the loose tail of a shirt to open a door or struggling with a heavy handled door using my pinky finger or punching a debit card pad with a knuckle, which sometimes is not easy. What? I have to use your special pen to sign for a credit!  My conclusion is to not quietly freak out on the inside if my fingers or hands to touch “dirty” surfaces after reasonable attempts to avoid doing so.

    Common sense tactics of not touching my face with my hands until they can be washed or sanitized has given me some kind of control back. It’s impossible to live in a germ free world. I also know that there are good bacteria and wiping out all of it; good and bad, is not helpful to the immune system. I utilize mind over matter. I can’t control everything but I can control how I react to what I can’t reasonably control.

    Information in the news is a good thing; unless it becomes too overwhelming for someone as susceptible as I have become to overload.  Yesterday I saw a headline “Are There Bugs Living On You?”  I felt a strong urge to click over to the Entertainment section and I did so immediately!

    I hope you find majick moments this Summer. Enjoy them while living in the moment. Leave your responsibilities and concerns behind you while you soak them up, relax and recharge yourself.


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