A Passion For Reading Is Born

    Written by Jasmine@majickalgarden.com

    From the first time I visited the library in grade school and discovered the vast array of books neatly standing on so many shelves…a passion was born. I found delight in all that was available at my fingertips and the choice was all mine! My hunger for knowledge as well as learning the delightful escape offered in a well written story became a welcome refuge. It has never left me. I was a pretty good kid as far as the need for discipline went, however, the few times I found myself being put on restriction, I would present a proper head hanging with response to the level of shame required but on the inside I was smiling. It meant I could go directly to my bedroom and bury my face in whatever current book I was reading! “Doing time” was never a loss for me. Of course, I failed to share that bit with my parents until I was well past that age. : )

    To go to a library or book store and get lost in the shelves, then see what treasures I might walk away with is one of life’s pleasures.  The arrival of computers in my life offered a brand new source of knowledge and I remember, years ago, how excited I was at the prospect of having so much available to me. The library lived in my home 24/7! I have read whole books online but the satisfaction found in physically holding and reading from cover to cover is something I have not lost.

    The Garden Bookshelf is where I can share some of my reviews of special books that have made some sort of difference in my life.


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