The Stars In Your Family:
    How Astrology Affects Relationships between Parents and Children
    By Sylvia Freeman (1995)

    “Astrology-based, Sylvia educates the reader about relationships between every member of your family. Why did my child do that? How could my mom act that way? Why can’t we relate better? Can I ever motivate my son? Is my daughter a dreamer or a doer?”

    Astrology has been a tool of mine that has helped me better understand family and friends close to me. I started with myself then fanned out with my spouse then my kids followed by friends. Discovering different aspects of the zodiac signs, with regard to personality traits, has become a fascinating hobby.

    I picked up a few books, when my kids were younger, to help me understand their distinct personalities better. Most books on the subject are geared towards adults with personality traits already developed. “The Stars In Your Family” puts emphasis on recognizing budding traits of Sun signs in the children.

    I was very pleased to discover this book.

    I am  a Libra (Air) blessed with an Aquarius (Air) son and a Capricorn (Earth) daughter. Discovering how each of us interact on an astrological level individually and together was very enlightening for me and helped me relate to, as well as understand them in a very refreshing way. It also aided me in helping bring out their individual traits with a better understanding of how to do so with their own needs recognized. A better sense of understanding, compatibility and acceptance can be achieved with relationships enhanced even more.

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