Last Spring, I sat on the patio enjoying the welcomed warmth and peace of the day. I was making a list of the plants I would be picking up the next day.

    I recalled an announcement my husband had made a few weeks before. “I think I will grow some tomato plants this year” he says, appearing quite pleased with himself.

    With a quick smile I said, “Is that right, YOUR going to grow some tomatoes?” Now, knowing I am the official and only gardener of our grounds, this was an interesting desire on his part as we both know exactly how he was going to accomplish this effort.

    The memory made me smile again. A short time passed when around the corner he suddenly appeared carrying 2 potted tomato plants and wearing a large grin on his face. He sets them down in front of me and says nothing. I laughed, and yes this man does make me laugh often! “Uh huh”, I say, “Please do let me know how that works out for you”.

    Now, the pressure is on me to make dang sure that he is able to grow his own tomato plants to the point of lovely red ripeness!

    I re-potted them and found a great sunny spot. Making sure to add some extra tender loving care and attention, of course. Months pass until one day he walks in the door and informs me, “MY tomatoes are ready for the picking!”

    Well, I did have to rib him on noticing how hard he worked for those lovely red orbs as he tended them carefully for weeks.

    However, it occurred to me that as partners we share the accomplishments of one another. Growing vegetable is not my choice of gardening materials. He could have just asked me to add them to my list. However, that would not have been as amusing as how he chose to charm me into doing this for him.

    He did produce the desire as well as the plants. I put the time in and was very happy to do so. To my surprise I was able to bring it to fruition, literally! It made me think about how our accomplishments are shared between a couple regardless of who put the time into whatever it happens to be.

    Of course, we both enjoyed the welcome addition of home grown tasty tomatoes for an unexpectedly long while.

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