Written by Jasmine

    After 25 years of dedicated service, my Whirlpool washer sent a message that it was terminal.

    I looked seriously into how to keep it. O.K., it’s “her” because I like to think of the hard working machines as part of the family. I’ve learned to do this because whenever something major leaves us or is in a coma…there is usually a time gap where we have to go without and make do where we can! Going without heat for a week when the heat pump needs a transplant, its 24 degrees in the throes of winter sure does make someone appreciate the wonderful workings of a healthy one. I call that one heat appreciation because I know I will greatly do so when it returns!

    That is where my appliance nightmare began. Firstly, I am fixated on getting the best value for the dollars! Remembering when we could just expect it; has been replaced by a “disposable” attitude when it comes to appliances. So, I hit the internet and began my in-depth search for the perfect, for me, washer. I read so many reviews and the best of lists for 2021. There was my list for the features I wanted as well as for the ones I did not want or need. And there are many!

    The reviews made me crazy. Some were really good. Others were so very bad. How can one product produce so many variations I ask!! In the end and after a couple weeks, (did I mention I am fixated?), I chose one. The choice was as much deep research as listening to my gut! I presented my choice to hubby for his opinion. I am envious of this man because he is free of the self-inflicted stress and worry I naturally have for picking the best. His way is to spend the time of a cup of coffee and walk away from computer with order placed. And…with a smile on his face for mission completed!

    Two days before I picked the washer, the dryer timer began acting up. Maybe it mourned the loss of its “mate”! I found the part online with the idea of “saving her”.  : )  Hubby had been very patient waiting on me until he relieved me of the wheel and informed me he had ordered the dryer for the washer I picked. He appreciated my frugality.  Then reminded me that saving the old dryer would leave a mismatched set. Pointing to glossy picture of the set on computer…he says “Look, don’t they look great together.” Sure, I am thinking, appeal to my sense of aesthetics!

    I now love my new shiny bright set and they do look great. I learned that “old school” can learn to adapt. After I calm down from this adventure I will tackle the next one for a new dishwasher!

    Author: jasmine@majickalgarden.com


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