Late Autumn Update 2014

Written by Jasmine

(Webmistress The Majickal Garden)



Here we are counting down the weeks before Christmas and I am just doing my Fall update. Where has the time gone! I enjoyed a beautiful sunny Indian Summer and the garden lasted well beyond usual. My goal of nurturing my pale green thumb was met with pleasing results. The seeds I started in the garage in April flourished once planted in the ground, tubs and hanging baskets much to my surprised delight. I felt such a feeling of accomplishment that “I” could actually do this and the satisfaction exceeded years of buying them and keeping them alive! I bonded with these wee beauties and they taught me tips to alter for next year.

My back yard is covered in small red rock with a few beds. I use plenty of containers. Mid-summer while weeding my “rock lawn” I realized that some of the “weeds” might want to be allowed to grow…just a hunch I had, never seeing them before. I had let the chore go for a good month so some had taken quite a foothold and were very healthy. They were centered around the proximity of the bird bath and looked different from the normal weeds that get yanked out.

They grew quickly and I did not have to wait long before I was rewarded when they showed color. Extra interesting to me is the area they were located in usually did not catch my target for watering and at an especially dry part of summer until they caught my attention. They were very tenacious and appeared to want to be there. One type flowered into what looked like purple wild petunias, if there is such a thing! The other was purple lobelia, another wonder to me.

Not long after they bloomed; one sunny morning while garden tending, I had a sudden thought of my beloved Grandma, who watches over me from the other side, and was overwhelmed with love busting from my heart. Quick heartfelt tears stung my eyes as I remembered each summer she always had petunias and draping lobelia together in her baskets. It is my knowing that she sent them to me via the birds where nature takes its course! I had a sudden overwhelming feeling of love intertwined with feeling that I had been granted a precious gift from her in the form of these particularly specific “wild” flowers in MY backyard! I had a pot ready with soil that I never got around to planting in and within some weeks it was lush with the petunias.

I know from many ways she is around me when I invoke her from the heart in certain situations. From birth my grandparents were always an active part of my life and later my own children’s. As busy as they were with their own lives, they always made me feel special as they spoiled me a little and taught me much with subtle guidance at the same time as I was growing up. I feel a distinct blessing in knowing she found a way to touch me even closer on my side of the veil! She was always supportive of me with her unconditional love. I now know she did not always approve or understand some of my choices made but she trusted me and never seemed to express negativity. I know her daughter, my mom, raised me the same way. They knew I had to find my own way and at the same time; at the ready to talk to me when I needed their input.

My Grandma is with my Grandpa as well as my Mom. I miss them dearly. I have so many questions I never asked when I had the chance. However, the more I mature in age and experiences the more I feel their loving support. It does not matter I don’t have all the historical family facts…they are with me now as I continue down my own path.

When I am in the garage on a creative mission looking for something to make happen out of my head fumbling around for that certain component to appear; my carpenter Grandpa smiles silently over my shoulder guiding me. And when it suddenly shows up with a “hey presto” moment I can smile gratefully back at him.

My mom guides me still with her strong ironic humor wrapped in her own life experiences where emotions weighed heavy. When I am scared, confused, or in tears I can feel her supportive presence with her empathetic concerned loving knowing smile. She felt them all in her time here and that visual of her loving face packs a most effective punch in the gut to buck up and go forward.

The holidays are ever challenging for me. I am blessed with so many wonderful majickal memories via the closeness my family shared packed into decades. The balance lies in keeping them with me and endeavoring to create new ones in my life now.

I look forward to Spring in the hopes I might be blessed once again with “wild” petunias and lobelia! The delightful blessings of miracles in this lifetime cannot be expected nor taken for granted, however large or small. Living in the mindfulness presence of the moment, by not allowing the mind to wander to yesterday, tomorrow, or what might be done later allows openness to what might be experienced or lost for lack of “being there”. If I had done a mindless clean sweep of my backyard I never would have discovered what I did and never known what I could easily have missed! I was open and therefore ready for what might come to be.

I hope your holidays are sprinkled with sparkles of special moments all season long!




“When Fear Falls Away” (Book Review)

“When Fear Falls Away”
By Jan Frazier (2007)

The Story of a Sudden Awakening

This is a story about a woman facing a health scare that leaves her bathed in fear. One day she asks for relief from this fear and wakes up to find it is simply gone. The book is written from her personal journals she kept about her journey of self-discovery on a soul level and how it has affected her life. It’s written with refreshing honesty and clarity.

Excerpt from the book:

“This is what I know about the general situations of human life:

-There is a place in every person that is not subject to harm of any sort. It is not subject to change or to death. It is actual.

-It is possible to become aware of this place—fleetingly, and even continuously.

-In the state of that awareness, all suffering ceases.

-There is nothing inconsistent about that state and what we think of as regular life.”

By sharing her story with us we are enlightened with the thought that our own story lines might sound different but the human aspects of emotion and ego are a part of us all. With true intentions of the heart, we can all find relief from fear in the emotions that permeates every aspect of our lives. In its place we can experience the joy of love, freedom and compassion in fully living in the moment with the relief from the past and future that can hinder our growth. By the end of this book, if we allow ourselves, we understand that the answers we seek in spiritual growth are not found in the myriad of books and manuals but truly inside ourselves.

Review written by Jasmine (Webmistress Majickal Garden)

The Stars In Your Family (Book Review)

The Stars In Your Family:
How Astrology Affects Relationships between Parents and Children
By Sylvia Freeman (1995)

“Astrology-based, Sylvia educates the reader about relationships between every member of your family. Why did my child do that? How could my mom act that way? Why can’t we relate better? Can I ever motivate my son? Is my daughter a dreamer or a doer?”

Astrology has been a tool of mine that has helped me better understand family and friends close to me. I started with myself then fanned out with my spouse then my kids followed by friends. Discovering different aspects of the zodiac signs, with regard to personality traits, has become a fascinating hobby.

I picked up a few books, when my kids were younger, to help me understand their distinct personalities better. Most books on the subject are geared towards adults with personality traits already developed. “The Stars In Your Family” puts emphasis on recognizing budding traits of Sun signs in the children.

I was very pleased to discover this book.

I am  a Libra (Air) blessed with an Aquarius (Air) son and a Capricorn (Earth) daughter. Discovering how each of us interact on an astrological level individually and together was very enlightening for me and helped me relate to, as well as understand them in a very refreshing way. It also aided me in helping bring out their individual traits with a better understanding of how to do so with their own needs recognized. A better sense of understanding, compatibility and acceptance can be achieved with relationships enhanced even more.


Review written by Jasmine (Webmitress – Majickal Garden)

The Camino: Journey of the Spirit (Book Review)

The Camino: Journey of the Spirit (2000)

by Shirley MacLaine


“For Shirley, the Camino was both an intense spiritual and physical challenge. A woman in her sixth decade completing such a grueling trip on foot in thirty days at twenty miles per day was nothing short of remarkable. But even more astounding was the route she took spiritually: back thousands of years, through past lives to the very origin of the universe.”

I admire Shirley MacLaine. She strikes me as someone that has truly followed her own path while in the glare of Hollywood lights. If you are familiar with any of her earlier books…she has been on a spiritual search for decades and has been publicly vocal about it.

The Camino is the story of her latest journey…a pilgrimage on foot along the Santiago de Compostela Camino in Spain. It is an ancient, and purporteldly to be, enchanted pilgrimage encompassing a nearly 500 mile trek across highways, mountains and valleys, cities and towns. It is said to have been traversed by saints, sinners, generals, misfits, kings and queens for thousands of years. Amazingly, she was 60 years old when she embarked  on this intense spiritual and physical challenge. She traveled nearly 500 miles in thirty days. What she discovered in the process was even more astounding.

This book was very enjoyable and kept me interested up to the very last page. Some might find bits of it a little *out there*. However, it is her story and experience. By the time I finished this book….it had enough of an impact on me to realize, one does not have to journey across the mountains and valleys of Spain, to experience the warm, fulfilling thrill of spiritual enlightenment found thru the challenges, goals and willfully living life with awareness.

Review written by Jasmine

The Call (Book Review)

The Call
By David Spangler (1996)

“The call is already a part of your life. All you have to do is listen.”

I found this book in paperback form, in the library, during one of my quests for enlightenment in the written word. When on these “quests”, I enter with an understanding with my guides that I am open for suggestion and shall do my best to open my mind and watch what “jumps” off the shelves at me. This was a result of one of those times. A delightfully easy read packed with applicable soul nourishing, validating information. Its one of those books I went out to buy for my own library shelf as reading it over again will reap understanding in a different light each time.

Its intentions are for anyone that has ever felt the stirrings of a particular calling deep inside or for those firmly on the path following their own calling. To be so blessed as to experience this is not an easy task nor is it without some sort of life changing sacrifice to enable the follow thru to where one is destined to end up.

Book Introduction in part:

The holy call is a revelation, an inner prompting, a vision, causing an individual to turn from a personal, self-centered, and superficially expressed life to that of a servant of the divine.

The numinosity of such a transcendent call is often of such a magnitude that the individual experiences a rupture of his or her life. He or she is cast into a vaster consciousness, and often acts with the sense of extreme vulnerability and wounding brought on by the leaving behind of-everything that had previously held primary value in the individual’s personal life. The members of the family, circle of friends, professional colleagues, and organizations threatened by such a disruption may exert extreme pressure to reform the called one. And, failing, that to ignore or, worse yet, to cast out the “misguided” individual.

For anyone to receive, acknowledge and accept such a calling is a testament to ones conscious dedication in living life in the light of life and in doing so expresses desire to truly evolve as a soul in lesson in human form.

This book will aid anyone traveling this path with willful intentions and each individual will read it with an understanding unique to who they are in spirit and with respect to where their evolvement lies.

Book Review Written by Jasmine (Webmistress Majickal Garden)

Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting (Review)

Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting

By Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn (1997)

While going through some major inner changes, when my kids were young, I hit the bookshelves for some supportive tools. My lack of patience, during that time, was a contrast to the serenity I was striving to attain on the inside. Not to mention the type of environment I wanted so much to create for my children.

I found this book that brought some insight into things I was missing, in my search for enlightenment, that included my children into the whole equation.

“….in Everyday Blessings, Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinnshow how parents can enrich their lives and the lives of their children through mindful parenting–that is, by honoring the fullness of the present moment, and within it, the inner potential and beauty that reside in our children and ourselves…..”

Its so easy, as parents, to get caught up in the quick moving of everyday life…on automatic pilot at times it seems…that we might have difficulty seeing our kids fully in moments so easily missed. Especially when things are not going as we would like them to. The result can be the difficulty in giving them a gift of what they really deserve…your own non-judgmental, conscious, fully accepting presence. It helps with the understanding of how lack of awareness fosters patterns that damage both parent and child. However…mindfulness can bring healing and transformation into the process. The end result is nourishing the souls of our children.

A definite good read for those that want to share the joy of spirituality with their kids, not so much by telling them…but more importantly showing them.

Review written by Jasmine – Webmistress (Majickal Garden)