Some cool John Singer Sargent images:
    John Singer Sargent: Emily Sargent

    Image by deflam
    sargent. oil painting.

    signed at the top: “with a merry xmas, jss”

    John Singer Sargent: Mrs. George Swinton

    Image by unbearable lightness


    My Path Of Light

    Written By Jasmine My Path of Light began when I chose to leave the Lutheran church after I had taken the required classes to be Confirmed around 12 years old. For the most part, the only reason I participated was because my childhood best friend…


    Welcome to The Majickal Garden. It is a mystical cyber garden where we hope to inspire the sense of internal spiritual mystery, awe and fascination for anyone traveling the path, who is interested in enhancing their spiritual & personal growth. How we all choose to…

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